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Hillary Clinton Defends Her Evolution On Marriage Equality

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke with NPR's Terry Gross and explained her personal and public evolution on same-sex marriage. The exchange arguably becomes contentious at one point, but we're curious regarding your reaction, Instincters?


Secretary Clinton officially stated her support for marriage equality for the first time in March 2013 as part of the Human Rights Campaign's Americans For Marriage Equality series. 

What are your thoughts on Clinton's exchange with Gross?


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I have to go take a long shower after listening to this. Whe is so slimey and such a liar, her support of LGBTQ , just like Obama's , is all a political calculation., if she really had supported  the LGBTQ community, why did she not speak out when Bill signed DOMA, it is and was all for political gain.  I wish the LGBTQ community would quit being lapdogs for these politicians that "all of a sudden see the light" & flip flop their opinion and support for LBGTQ issues. Can people evolve, Yes. can people change their minds on things, yes. but, when a politician does all you have to do is look at the polls and the direction that the public is going and you will see why they changed their stance. POLITICS plain and simple.

Great comment! 

the same bird singing different song:

​oh, her way of speaking...The last question Hilary was asked by Terry Gross 3 times and yet the politician couldn't answer that directly. 


Hillary made her beliefs and feelings about LGBT rights known on the world stage on Dec 6th 2011. Hillary is an emphatic ally. Is Terry Gross on the GOP payroll?

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While Hillary Clinton is definitely an LGBT ally and a proponent of LGBT rights, she didn't speak out explicitly in favor of marriage equality until March 2013 after leaving her post as Secretary of State. 

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