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Hip-Hop Belly Dancing Cowboy Shows His Talent On 'So You Think You Can Dance'

'So You Think You Can Dance.'  Is that a question or a statement?  I am sure this holiday weekend I'll be thinking I'm dancing, but it'll all come out like I'm fighting off bees. 

Some of us are more talented than others in the vertical dancing and others in the horizontal form.  One of those you can show on television, and if you're good enough at it, maybe you can win a plane ticket to Hollywood with those talents.

I know I'll never try out for such a thing so kudos, congrats, and bravo to those who put themselves out there for the world to judge.

It's no surprise that the world of dance has many friends of Dorothy as part of its ranks.  Some use 'So You Think You Can Dance' (SYTYCD) to try and break into the world of dance or and others try to accelerate their careers. 

One dancer that tied his luck last week, Cody Ostrenga, was very camera worthy, good enough to be used in a SYTYCD opening video.




Would he make it onto the broadcast? Was he good enough, bad enough, different enough to be shown to the worldwide audience? Yahoo, tells us how he did in this fun little clip.




Anyone that gets up on that stage has taken a step that I never will take.  Bravo Cody.  Doesn't look like you went forward in the competition, but we feel he completed one of his goals.

We had a brief Facebook chat with Cody about his time on the big stage.

I asked Cody if he went alone, if this was his first time, and would he want to go back again?

This was my first year ever auditioning.  I was scared, nervous and excited! I did go alone as all my family is back home in Texas. I'm definitely working on my dance skill and craft to comeback next year and make it through. Dance is my passion so I definitely want to go back.

I really wanted to motivate and encourage other members of the LGBTQ community to be who they are, and I live their best truth. Growing up in Texas was not easy being gay, it was grueling but people are going to love or hate, discourage or encourage, but through all of it be who you are.

Well, with a statement like that, I think he deserves his entire routine to be seen.


We wish you good fortune and better luck next time Cody!

Now we just need to find out if he is single.



h/t: Cody Ostrenga Facebook





But he needs more time to figure out his dance. It was more of a statement about who he wants to be then a Polished dance

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