'Historic' Appointing Of Openly Gay U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell


Things just got a little gayer in Washington, because newly-appointed U.S. ambassador to Germany, Republican Richard Grenell, is here, he's queer, and he's making history. Grenell is the first openly fabulous ambassador to be appointed under the Trump administration, and some are heralding his new position as an historic win for gay Republicans. According to NBC News, the president of the Log Cabin Republicans, Gregory T. Angelo, had this to say:

He has now officially become the highest ranking openly gay official ever in a Republican administration. Despite the interminable delays of Democrats hell-bent on standing on the wrong side of history, today the United States Senate confirmed a gay nominee not ‘in spite of’ Republicans, or ‘with Republican support,’ but because of Republican support.

The move strategically helps to align Trump with the LGBTQ population he ostracized with his Trans military ban, and both Democrats and Republicans agree that Grenell's ambassadorship is an important step forward for gay people wishing to hold high-ranking positions in Washington.



But, and there's a big but, Grenell has a record of questionably anti-women tweets, previously slamming the likes of Hilary Clinton and Rachel Maddow for their looks and fashion sense. If you're looking for fashion, Grenell, you've picked the wrong career path. 

Still, LGBTQ advocated are holding out hope that Grenell will help to shed light on issues affecting the gay community. Is Grenell simply a chess piece in Trump's surprisingly strategic worldwide takeover, or are you excited to have him in the White House? Let us know.