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Historic: Brazilian TV Gets Its First Ever Gay Kiss

A social media campaign launched by fans of Brazilian soap Amor à Vida proved fruitful on Friday when the show finally let characters Felix and Niko graduate from cheek pecks into a full blown make-out session. 

The scene marks the first ever gay kiss broadcast on Brazilian TV, a kiss that, despite some critics' concerns, didn't lead to the world spinning off its axis over the weekend. 

Enjoy Brazil's big, gay historic moment in the clip below.


Frank, it was a scene in the last chapter of a Brazilian soap opera.

It was not a "full make-out session". It was a very sweet, romantic kiss without sex appeal, and 100% innocent. Sex between them was not shown in that chapter. After the kiss, Niko went away, to work. Well, I would have preferred that it were a French kiss, but it was a great kiss anyway.

It was the soap's final chapter, and the scene was very touching, showing that love is the most important thing one can ever have in life. And it was a HUGE step to Brazilian TV and Brazilian families, and, as a Brazilian, I can surely say that I'm proud of the actors, the soap's writer and directors for making it finally happen.

Not such a big deal here. I've seen MUCH better kisses on the afternoon soaps we have.

What was the scene? Commercial? Soap opera? Nice kiss though--considering the closed mouths and all. 

A bit of a closed kiss but slowly slowly catch your .......

Full make-out session might be a little too much, but it was a nice kiss :)

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