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HIV-Positive College Student Charged w/ Knowingly Transmitting HIV, Now Charged w/ Secretly Recording Unprotected Sex Acts

There's been a lot of discussion regarding sexual responsibility and the necessity of disclosure regarding one's HIV status. 

Here's an arguably more extreme case than what's normally presented, but we'd like to get your take. 

Michael Johnson, a 22-year-old former wrestler at Lindenwood University has been charged with knowingly transmitting HIV to five individuals.

The number of charges may increase now that hidden camera recordings have been found of Johnson engaging in unprotected sex acts with more than 30 unidentified people.

St. Louis's KMOV News 4 reports:

In October, Michael Johnson, 22, was charged with exposing sexual partners to HIV. Police later discovered multiple videos of Johnson having unprotected sex.

They believe those partners were unaware Johnson was HIV positive and that they were being videotaped.

The startling details were revealed after hidden camera sex tapes were uncovered, according to prosecutors.

“On that laptop were 32 videos engaged in sexual acts with Mr. Johnson,” said Tim Lohmar, St. Charles County prosecutor.

Lohmar said  Johnson can be seen with 31 unidentified people in videos taken over four months. Most of the videos were shot on the campus of Lindenwood University in St. Charles. Johnson has already been charged with five counts of knowingly transmitting the disease.

“It’s safe to safe that numerous of those videos were taken inside his dorm room; we know that because we recognize the furniture,”

Lohmar said most of victims not only likely had no idea they were being video-taped; they were clueless that Johnson had HIV.

That’s why Lohmar wants any potential victims to come forward immediately. It’s a matter not only of their individual safety but public safety as well.

Here's video of the KMOV report:

Lindenwood University is now assisting police in identifying the individuals on the tapes. The school says they became aware of the existence of the tapes a few days ago.

Johnson could receive life in prison if convicted of knowingly transmitting HIV.

What's your take, Instincters? In this situation Johnson allegedly had unprotected sex with numerous individuals without disclosing his HIV status and potentially transmitted HIV to at least five people. Does responsibility lie solely with him?

Was his decision to secretly record many of these sex acts an entirely separate issue?

We'd like to hear from you!


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)



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all the rage on the news for months now in the Saint Louis (MO) metro area....

HIV is not a terminal illness (according to federal medical standards). It is simply a viral infection. Do people get put in prison for giving someone herpes or the flu? No. Although he may not have acted in a very morally acceptable manner, he had no legal obligation to inform anyone of his HIV status. The decision to have unprotected sex is up to the individual and they alone must suffer the consequence of such a decision. If cancer was contagious, would be seeing the same injustice here?

Actually, he does have a legal obligation to share his status with his sexual partners.  According to Missouri law, he must disclose in order to obtain consent.  There is a special note in the law that condoms are not an excuse, and he was required to disclose even if it was protected intercourse.  He broke the law.  That's why he was arrested.

last time i checked sex is a two way street. you want to have unprotected sex you should assume that person is positive.


You people here are broadcasting the latest news about the celebrities and making a lot of people aware about them.

Sarah From:

Disclosure has been made out to be a ‘tough’ issue, due to privacy of the individual. However it is a very simple one. 

When engaging in intimate acts, that already by nature are very personal there needs to be a basic level of honesty. In a sexual arena where one individual assumes (conveniently) that a sexual partner wouldn’t engage in unprotected sex without being HIV positive, and the other couldn’t imagine that their sexual partner would engage without protection if they knowingly were, the onus has to be on the holder of the information. Otherwise the HIV positive person is knowingly exposing an individual or many individuals to potentially life threatening virus for their own sexual convenience. It’s pretty disgusting. If you are prepared to knowingly put partners lives at risk without allowing them make that decision with all the information available, then you are, and should be, liable for attempted aggravated assault and manslaughter charges. 

The rule is simple, if you don’t wish to disclose, protect your partner (no matter how fleeting).

If you don’t act this way, you need to take a deep look inside yourself and realize what a selfish a callus person you are. 

actually the solution is much simpler than this, and is what nearly everyone was taught in school: you should assume everyone you are sleeping with is positive and act accordingly. While what this person did is inexcusable, trying to put the onus of protecting yourself onto someone else is foolish beyond words. An increasingly large number of new infections are actually happening from people who *think* they are negative. Unfortunately, we live in a hysteria-based, reactionary world too frequently.

Fact is, you are most contagious early after being infected--at the period of time when you are least likely to even know, much less be able to disclose. Someone with HIV who takes his medicine regularly, and is tested regularly, is far, far less likely to infect someone than someone who thinks he's negative, but has no idea he isn't because he hasn't been tested in 2-years.

Bottom line: You are the only person who can act to protect yourself, and it's easy: use a condom. If you don't, you are taking the risk. Asking someone or expecting disclosure for something someone may not even know he has only allows people to have a false sense of security. Quite honestly, expecting or encouraging people to depend on disclosure rather than taking the sensible precaution of protecting oneself is reckless. 

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