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Homo-Hop Pioneer QBoy Talks With Instinct About "Music Makes Us Dance," First Solo Single In Years

QBoy paved the way for today's homo-hop artists (like Le1f, Angel Haze) when he first hit the airwaves with flagrantly LGBT hip-hop 13 years ago. With a few years since his last new release, the gay luminary of the U.K. music scene has returned to enjoy the fruits of his labor and soaring popularity of homo-hop with a long overdue new single and video, "Music Makes Us Dance" feat. Darkwah. 

With a return to form that's exceeded the lofty expectations, we were dying to chat with QBoy (if even for a moment's time) about getting "back on the horse again."

"This is a huge personal triumph as it is the first major release since my last album Moxie in 2009," QBoy tells Instinct. "In that time I dealt with some very difficult and personal issues, including when I very nearly died after my appendix burst and I was hospitalized for some time. So for me, getting this video out there is like 'getting back on the horse' again. Not only that but I wrote and produced the song myself—with some help from my engineer James Hurr—and I co-directed and co-edited the video myself too, so this one creation has a lot of me in it."

"I am a dancer, too," QBoy adds. "It is what I studied at university at degree level. Dancing means a huge amount to me, even more so since I realized that when we get into that zone when dancing, it is a form of meditation—something I experienced when I lived in India a few years back. So, communicating and uniting through dance and music, as simple as it may seem, is how I express myself, it's who I am. The ability dance and music has to bring us together and to bring us closer to ourselves is overlooked sometimes. I wanted to bring some focus to that. It's ancient, it's spiritual, and it's very powerful."

Start meditating with QBoy and an early entry for a hot track of Summer 2014 with "Music Makes Us Dance" below. 

For more of QBoy, head here. 



Current with retro flare. Catchy. Simple. Effective. Fierce. Seems to be Q's intention. Looking forward to the remixes.

This hook is soooo damn catchy! #LoveIt

Nice first single back...nostalgic enough sound to remind you why you loved him, but a current enough vibe to keep me wondering what's next....well done!

They really aren't hitting it with this. Pretty weak stuff. 

Azeilia Banks + Old Pet Shop Boys...meh

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