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'Homofin' Pill Claims It Can 'Cure' You Of Being Gay

​ Oh look, guys! It's another pill that can stop you from being gay. Better stock up!!

Gay Star News reports:

Marketed online in Turkey, Homofin claims the ‘herbal’ treatment influences your hormones saying: ‘It is now up to you to be or not to be a homosexual.’

Homofin’s site even encourages a mother, who is worried her son may be gay but does not want to raise the issue with him, to buy the capsules and secretly dissolve the drug in his food.

The ‘medicine’ is being openly marketed through the website for TL129 ($60 €44) for a 30 day treatment. It even has its own Facebook page. The site does, however, say it is currently out of stock but will be available again soon.

It says the research which led to the medicine’s development included isolating hormones in female urine and male sweat.

It adds: ‘Your sexual identity, which is something you are born with and has only to do with hormonal pheromones, is no longer your destiny. You can make your own decisions.’

Though the "medication" is clearly a scam, the Psychiatric Association of Turkey is taking Homofin seriously and is taking steps to get it off the market:

‘We took legal action and filed complaints with the relevant institutions such as the governorship, the board of advertisement and the public prosecutor’s office concerning the so-called medicine Homofin,’ they said. 

‘Homofin was put on the market through a website with the claim that the so-called medicine “treats” homosexuality.

‘This unethical and unscientific practice considers homosexuality a disease and poses a threat to public health through the sale of a so-called medicine (with unknown content) with the promise of treating an inexistent disease.’

In all seriousness, it's good that steps are being taken to get Homofin shut down, especially in the event that it's a real product that people are actually purchasing (and potentially giving to gay children without their consent). Who even knows what's in that crap?





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