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Homophobes In Texas Say They Wouldn't Vote For 'A Known Heterosexual President'

YouTuber Joseph Costello headed to Austin, Texas to ask some of its residents whether they'd vote for "a known heterosexual President."

Sadly (laughably??) those that Costello questioned--or at least those that made the final edit--don't even know what the word "heterosexual" means, confusing it with "homosexual" and instinctively revealing their misguided prejudices.

Watch "The Heterosexuality Experiment":


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Censored guy is Romeo Rose!

I don't agree w this video. There are ignorant people everywhere. I don't like how they tried to make Austin/TX look stupid and judgemental. They show a few videos of hateful dumbass people what about the people that are intelligent and know what the word means and don't care what other people choose to do w their lives? Come on so disappointed in this

We know! Random idiots are everywhere! I've heard great things about Austin. Can't wait to visit.

I like that the sad faced man is worried about gays reproducing...

Maybe we need to educate these idiots first off and secondly to the dumb ass saying he is going to run for mayor or whatever it was. Maybe we should pick of the morons and the rich. I have a lot more to day but it's not nice so. Have a great day

lol... people are so stupid!!!!! This makes me embarrassed to be a Texan, Thank God I am from Houston,not Austin!!!! LOL!!!

Romeo Rose is the guy with the smiley face

I live in Austin and the views of these few people do not represent the views of the city as a whole. This is a very tolerant and laid back city. The most liberal city in the state. Why not show the people who did know the meaning of the word? I am sure they far outnumbered the people shown here. It looks like he is deliberately trying to portray Austin in a bad light.

What I wanna know is why the hosts lips moved out of sync to the sound but the people he questioned, their lips moved in sync! I think the host was actually asking the question but spoke the word "homosexuality", then re dubbed (poorly I may add) to say "heterosexual". Look closer! I'm a gay man and I would no ally support open minded videos but I don't trust this one! Jmo

Nice theory but you can read his lips and he is definitely saying hetero.


Oh my good God..... people are so stupid!! I'm embarrassed for them!

I live in Austin. You must've only put the bad one on the final edit because this is a very open and accepting city. 

I'm glad you said that. I have gay friends in Austin and they love it there. I didn't think this could be an accurate portrayal.

WOW! And I always thought Austin was a cool city. I guess Texas is Texas. No wonder they want to secede from the rest of the U.S.A. I say let them! Take Kentucky and other backwards states with you!!!

Austin is a cool city. A few stupid people they showed do not account for the whole city or state. If TX wants to secede it is because of how shitty the rest of this country is getting. If any other state could do it they would want to as well probably.

Why are you protecting the guy running for mayor? If you are protecting him, you are as bad as he is!

Yea, seriously, get rid of that face.  He claims he's running for mayor of Austin, so I don't know why you felt the need to protect him.  Let him see the consequences of saying those vile things in public!


I'm truly shocked that these people don't understand something as simple as knowing what Homo/Hetero whatever means.  But the scary person with the angry smiley is a scary Nazi.  I don't understand how someone become so evil and full of hate.

LOL! That's Texas for ya!

You can't be serious. Are people really that stupid? Scary!

Get rid of the angry face so we know who to pick off from the heard!
I say; kill homophobes. Obviously THEY are the one born with a defect, the inability to love a fellow human. criticize their ability to love after saying they should be killed off...? That's a fantastic response. And you meant "herd", I'm sure.

I believe he is being sarcastic 

He may be. I hope so.

This is why half the world hates us. These pigs are saying no based off an one subject. So a guy could be the answer to world hunger and you wouldn't vote for him because he is gay? What "loving" people they are (and a waste of billions of atoms).

Lmao texas 0

Holy crap, that is scary. Especially that one guy. Whoa. 

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