Homophobia Experiment In The London Underground

Do you think modern Londoners would rise to defend a gay couple against anti-gay harassment? That's what YouTube prankster Julius Dein set to find out in his latest clip. 

From Pink News: 

Dein decided to stage the experiment on the London Underground, with two friends playing a gay couple.

Meanwhile, Dein was pretending to be a homophobe who attacked the pair for cuddling and holding hands in public – aiming to provoke reactions from the passengers.

One pair of burly guys leap to the gay couple’s defence, warning Dein: “If you don’t get off the train, I’ll throw you off the train.” When the prankster continues to mock the couple and takes a picture on his phone, one of the passengers interjects: “Listen, I’m getting wound up now.

“You took a picture of someone because you don’t agree with their f**king sexuality? Do yourself a favour mate… I’m going to knock you out!”

Are you surprised by the reactions?

(h/t: JMG)