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Homophobic Margarine Ad Compares Coming Out As Gay To Shooting Dad In The Heart

Flora, a global margarine company, is on the receiving end of criticism following a homophobic ad.

The print advertisement shows the words "UHH, DAD, I’M GAY" in the shape of a bullet as it heads in the direction of a human heart made out of china.

The bottom of the ad reads, "You need a strong heart today," next to Flora's logo.

Flora is owned by Unilever, which also sells noted pro-LGBT company Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Unilever has stopped the ad's usage.

A Unilever spokesperson has denied that Flora's ad was approved by anyone at the parent company, saying: "The advert is offensive and unacceptable and we have put an immediate stop to it. Unilever is proud of the support that our brands have given to LGBT people, including our recent campaign for Ben & Jerry’s on equal marriage."

Flora apparently contacted an external advertising company in South Africa, Lowe + Partners Johannesburg in attempt to get an ad campaign that would give them an "edgier" image.

We're guessing this is more "edge" than they were looking for.


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Ohhh, come on... What about Unilever's ONGOING heterosexist ads for their Axe products? They've been doing that shit for years.

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