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Homophobic Mom Punches Son In The Face After He Comes Out At Family Party

Emma Green, a homophobic 37-year-old mother of 11 (yes, eleven) children, punched her 21-year-old gay son Scott in the face in front of police after learning he was gay and in a relationship with a man.  

The incident took place outside of Green's home in Kinross, Scotland. 

According to The Daily Record:

Trouble started when Green and 21-year-old Scott were at a party with friends and family at her home in Kinross.

Scott had revealed that he was gay and in a relationship with a man but as the drink flowed, the issue led to arguments, particularly with his mum.

As the evening wore on, Green called her son “a p**f and a gay b******”, prosecutor Lisa Marshall told Perth Sheriff Court.

The arguments became more heated and police were called.

But as officers arrested Scott for suspected assault, Green walked up to them and punched her son in the head.

Ms Marshall said: “She shouted, ‘You bender, you take c**** up the a***. You’re nothing but a dirty q****.’

“Police told her she was under arrest and she replied, ‘I’m homophobic. I don’t care – I hate the little gay b******.’”

Green's defense attorney John Adams tried to explain her actions, saying:

"She certainly isn’t proud of her actions. She was motivated by his sexual orientation.

“She has reacted more in anger. That has not got a bearing on their relationship now.

“There is no ongoing ill-feeling between them.”

If you say so, sir.

Green confessed to committing assault ­aggravated by sexual prejudice outside her home and was fined £200. She was also ordered to pay £100 compensation to her son.

She now says: 

“I just wish none of this had ever happened.

“I’ve got enough on my hands looking after the rest of the family.”

Well, with 11 kids--yeah, ya do.

Hopefully she gets her homophobia in check because with eleven children, don't be surprised if Scott isn't the only gay one...



Someone once said: You can't choose your relatives, but Thank God you can pick your friends.

Someone els said" You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but you can't pick your friend's noses..

Someone needs to tell her that a moms love is unconditional

I find it ridiculous this is even being reported on its an internal family matter and yet were giving limelight to both parties and they will be basking in 15 minutes of fame. She needs a good slap and so does he from the sound of it so leave them to it.

I find it ridiculous that she's calling him a bastard as if it were an insult to himShe's the one who got knocked up at 16 (possibly 15) by a man that I assume she never married.  She's insulting herself when she references his bastardy, not him.  Of course, she doesn't seem like the brightest bulb on the string in the first place.

She had her kid when she was 16! Teen-age hoe! Now she's got 10 more...wouldn't surprise me if they all have different daddies...and oh pulleaaseee!! She tells her son, "you take c*ck up your a$$!" And so? So do you, biatch! And you know how good it feels, so what are you complaining about?? Because your son is having fun but doesn't have to feed all dem kids?? Well, if you took it up yo ass to begin with, you won't be having all dem kids, mothah

I had a terrible coming out experience with my mother as well. It was nothing compared to this but over time I have realized the importance of chosen families. Blood may be thicker than water but it sure doesn't taste as good.

Ignorant meth head alkie

I've learned that you sometimes have to choose your family. Blood toes do not mean they should stay in your life if they are unsupportive.  I wonder how her parents reacted to her first pregnancy. 

Lol! I meant blood ties! 

He's cute, and she looks like HELL... She's probably mad because her son is getting more than she is ;)

What a shock. An ugly fucking alcoholic breeder is so fucking stupid she assaults her child while the cops are there. I hope someone kicks her fucking head in. And soon.

This Bitch What Have Got Slapped Back Never To Hear From Me Again 

She had him at 16, nothing but a town bike, the filthy bitch. I doubt he is her eldest either.

Stupid slag. 11 kids later and she has the nerve to be judgmental. That's your punishment for being stupid. You have 11 children you never thought about how to raise. You don't deserve to be a parent if you don't know how to love your children unconditionally.

I agree.

In my opinion, if you abuse your own children like this, you should have your kids taken off you, period. Meanwhile, LGBTIQ couples who DO want to be loving, caring parents, and WANT to raise children who would have otherwise been left in multiple foster homes or left for dead on the street, are denied the simple right of being parents on a daily basis. #whathasthisworldcometo?

That bitch!!!!!!

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