Hong Kong Refuses To Allow British Citizens To Marry At Consulate

It's not a good sign when Russia is considered more progressive than you. Hong Kong has decided to wedge its way between gay Brits and their home country's decision to allow marriage equality at British consulates around the world. Russia, China and even Azerbaijian have given the thumbs up to same-sex British couples heading to the consulates in their country to be married, but Hong Kong is refusing to allow it. 

The Guardian has more:

"Before the UK legislation that governs same-sex marriages was implemented earlier this month, we asked the Hong Kong government for their agreement to perform such ceremonies here," a spokesperson for the British consulate general said in a statement.

"Unfortunately, the Hong Kong government has raised an objection to the solemnization of same sex marriages in Hong Kong.".

Hong Kong's LGBT activists expressed outrage at their government's decision. Nigel Collett, secretary for gay rights group Pink Alliance, accused the government of "denying any form of increase of rights" for gay people in the city-state.

"Hong Kong is making a fool of itself while Moscow and Beijing have taken a more sensible view for something that does not concern their citizens," he said.

Representatives for the Hong Kong government were not available to comment. Same-sex marriages and civil partnerships are illegal in socially conservative Hong Kong, where homosexuality was only decriminalized in 1991.