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Horrifying: Neo-Nazi Gang Storms & Attacks Ukraine Gay Club

On the heels of the cancelation of Kiev Pride over safety concerns comes a horrific attack at the Pomada gay club in Ukraine's largest city. A group of 20 assailants, known to be Neo-Nazis due to their tattoos and masks, stormed the club and pelted it with smoke bombs and firecrackers, all in front of a security camera that captured the attack on video. 

Pomada club's bouncer miraculously managed to keep most of the clubgoers safe, though one who couldn't make it indoors in time was seen being chased off-camera by one of the thugs. 

We're relieved to hear that Pomada's patrons left the attack physically unscathed.

Check out the jaw dropping video below:



I guess someone had a gun?  Those pussies sure turned and ran in a big hurry.

This type of thing happened 35 years ago, in America, but it was the police waving the sticks. Today the police march in our parades. We have more allies than enemies. One country at a time, we are teaching the world to put down their weapons and love us, and each other. The meek are indeed inheriting the Earth.

I was in Wings nightclub in Cape Town (circa 1976) when it was invaded by the South African rugby squad out for blood after loosing to the all blacks or some other reason. They ran into the place armed with baseball clubs, past the security and into the main club where they were confronted by two hundred leather queens and assorted admirers. The attackers quickly realised they were outnumbered and retreated.

They turned on their heels and ran into the night, it never happened again.

They will pick on the wrong ones and get smoked 

Pathetic, violence loving, leaderless, paranoid, baby-nazi Zombie freaks!!

Now go off and have freak sex with each other ya loser wannabees.

this is why I say it is time once again to pick up a baseball bat and start taking names, no more non violence speeches about peaceful means, someone swings at you, swing back.

we hope we could help YOU

Such brave, big men with their masks!  A bunch of infantile bullies is more truthful.

I wish we could help you 

so sad ... angry and furious .... we always have to endure this ... but times go by and we will keep fighting with resistance to adversity ... love will conquer us all ...

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