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Hot Australian Pilot Becomes Internet Sensation During Malaysian Aircraft Search

It was bound to happen. As efforts continue in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet--a chiseled hottie hero has made his way to the forefront!

Royal Australian Air Force Flight Lieutenant Russell Adams has addressed the world and has become quite the internet sensation!

Check out this video from The Daily Mail:

Internet commenters have predictably come out of the woodwork with their own vocal admiration for the pilot. Statements include:

“Gosh that Australian Air Force guy Russell Adams on the news is a hottay mallottay!! #sort”

“Captain Russell Adams from the Australian MH370 search team serving up Top Gun realness”

“In another country, he’d be a model. In Australia, he’s just Russell Adams ... pilot.”

“I’d like to debrief Russell Adams.”

“Not to detract from the search effort, but Flight Lieutenant Russell Adams is a hottie.”

“If that Russell Adams from the Australian Airforce came to save my life I’d be one very happy bunny.”

Good to see worried citizens of the world haven't lost their sense of humor!


(H/T: The Daily Mail,



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At a time when people around the world are deeply concerned with the possible fate of all those beloved people who were on the plane, there came a momentary laps in my deeply sad feeling when I suddenly saw the face of what I think is a wonderful human being.

Yes, a handsome Russ Adams, who don't forget, is regularly risking his life with others, flying over hundreds of miles of ocean to search for the missing.

"That takes guts" He is brave and clever with a lovely boyish charm. As well as hope for the missing, I pray we all see him again under different circumstances. 

Yeah he's hot but so what? His THICK accent made most of his speech unintelligible and there are plenty of hot guys here in the US.  Seriously he's not THAT hot!

I agree. Until the plane is found and not a single person on earth has any reason to be unhappy, no-one, ever, anywhere should ever make any comment about how attractive a man might be, because it would be disrespectful to anyone who's having a tragedy. Nobody make any remarks about how hot this pilot is unless you hate the human race, because finding this man attractive is tantamount to wishing that everyone on earth lives in agony forever.

Also, typing COCK in all caps should make you all ashamed of yourselves. COCK! COCK! COCK!

Due to your myopic comment on the human condition I have one thing to say - That man is HOT.  Even if we want the world to stop, even for a second, to stop  turning so you can crawl up on your soapbox to tell everyone how to act, it's not going to.  Get over yourself.

He is a very good looking man and a great tv spokesman. Leave it at that.

He is a very good looking man and a great spokesman for the RAAF. Leave it at that.

I can't understand his Austrian accent; are there subtitles?

Duh. He's Hungarian, not Austrian.

Australian, people, can't you read?


People died. Their families are going thru a lot of pain and you guys are focusing on hot guys somehow involved in this tragedy? are you F#ing kidding me? Come on ppl! What is wrong with you? Can't you sympathize with those whom lost their loved ones? Does every f#ing things has to be about sex? seriously, this is ridiculous 

Filipe  they have sighted something "resembling" could have been something that fell off a tanker/container ship or something, until they FISH something out of the ocean that ACTUALLY belongs to the MISSING plane,, then we can all "mourn" with the victim's family & friends. 

Remarkably enough I can both sympathize with those who lost their lives AND think Lieutenant Adams is a hottie as I can hold more than one thought in my head at a time.  So good of you to try and shame us, but it falls short.

I'm just trying to follow the rules here. Discussing whether someone is 'hot' is okay. Discussing whether someone is 'hot' who is involved in a national story that is deemed by most to be a 'tragedy' is also okay, but maybe tacky. An online article taking this discussion to a larger audience, this crosses a line and now it's perceived as 'trash'.

I think anyone dealing with the loss of a loved one on the Malaysian airlines flight is probably a little too busy right now to be reading Instinct articles about cute guys. And I can't imagine they're petty enough to take offense to such a silly and innocent thing as this discussion.

I could be totally wrong here. Just going off how I've felt when dealing with heavy problems of death and loss.

He is cute. No doubt. But let's focus on what matters here. In these kinda cases keep your opinion to yourself out of respect to those who died, and their families and loved ones.

Loosen up.... No one has disrespected the families of the missing people... 

Sounds like u need some man on man attention. 

True that!

When I saw him the first thing I said was he is cute.  

Mark Tilly get your panties untwisted and lighten up!  Typical bitchy queen blasting the gay community.

Don't give us a reason to blast the gay community and we won't. Pretty sad that those of us who are realists and dissenters are the ones ridiculed, it's like having to be involved with the Evangelical Right. No dissent, no defecting, no other opinions or facts welcome. You *must* be in an open relationship is at least have a "monogamous" partner every other week, or just be a common whore or bully someone like you, or you aren't a "good gay". I guess I'm what a nasty guy once called me, "empowered" (meaning, I know how to say no and don't let anyone be my thought police).

I've done nothing but bombard God with prayer over this tragedy. He's a good looking guy, but not what I wanted to see.

Bitchy!?!? Just truthful! And by your acidic reply, i see i was RIGHT! Another nasty, sat at the end of the bar, on his own, scathing sad queen!


There seems to a a great deal of very Victorian thinking on this thread, mixed with a generous amount of internal homophobia.  Instinct finds a minute pearl in a very rough oyster, and homosexuals embarrassed to be homosexual get themselves into a tizzy.  Children, there are more serious things over which to take umbrage.  Adult up and stop being so grimly priggish.

And once again, don't give us a reason to be embarrassed and those of us seeing this tragedy for what it really is are the adults here. It's those of you with an extra set of hormones and don't know how to control them are the ones that need to stop acting like kids. 

It's about respect, you tool. Do you need Instinct to tell you he's hot? 

I agree with Mark. People are dead and families are hurting, yet we publish trash about how hot the pilot is. I can see he's hot, but I can pass on the article in consideration for how the families might feel. Our eyes work bitches, do we need someone to point it out? Trash. 

Yes, I took note of him. I was fascinated by his speech but sure couldn't stop looking. He made an impression for sure.

Oh dear god, lighten up.  There's nothing wrong with acknowledging the fact that the dude is, in fact, a very attractive man...and it's pretty telling that you automatically think the comments are all coming from gay men.

Kinda have to agree with Mark Tilly.  Yeah I think the guy looks like a Hemsworth, but over 200 people have just been told their loved ones are dead.  I would take down, y'all.

Typical Gay Community! Still seeking COCK in the face of tragedy! Shameful and disgusting!

Some gays (just like some straights) are disrespectful trash, simple as that.

Oh I'm sorry - are we meant to tie a knot in the end of your dicks until the search is called off?  I didn't get that memo...

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