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"Hot Cop" Of San Francisco Gets His Own Facebook Page

Officer Chris Kohrs, aka the "Hot Cop of the Castro" has been given eternal heartthrob status. No longer confined to local San Francisco lore, the Hot Cop is now available to all of us around the world thanks to a fan who created a Facebook page for the well-known Castro personality

SFist has more:

Kohrs first started causing a stir in the gay press in early May when these photos of him appeared on Towleroad. Shortly thereafter local author Armistead Maupin spotted him and chatted him up on Castro Street, and Logo TV's blog described Kohrs as a "Tom of Finland drawing come to life."

Kohrs joined the SFPD in 2009 as part of the 224th recruit class, and up until 2013, it seems he was an officer assigned to Park Station, serving Upper Haight and Nopa. Sometime recently he must have gotten reassigned to Mission Station, and that's about all we know.

Kohrs, who obviously works out—a lot—has already garnered over 4,000 Likes on the fan page, which includes photos that his many admirers have been taking with him when he's out on patrols, or, in one recent case, grabbing a coffee at the Nordstrom cafe.

Chris may or may not be openly gay himself, but he's been quick to show support for the community, and to acknowledge that he enjoys the Facebook attention. He wrote to the keepers of the fan page last week saying, "I noticed there weren't any pride pics on my page. I think I should have at least one to show my support!" He sent in a photo of himself working at the Civic Center Pride celebration, with a young female fan in a blond wig.

Those of you who found it morally reprehensible to crush on a felon can gush over this one guilt-free!


He's got a hot, sexy girlfriend. Lucky girl. She probably put the flowers on night table. 


Come visit us in Toronto Chris! We'll show you a good time.

You gals are such desperate trolling whores! Get a life!! Quit living vicariously through the www, smh.

OMG!! I would be a total slut for that man!!!

He's considered hot???  I think he's okay..., but hot??? Hot is an adjective for "Steve Cruz, Adam Killian, Jonathan Agassi, and so on.

Holy F!!! Get me in that bed, Dude! Drill me, not the ceiling, hon!

All the cops in Philly are obese and ugly!

No matter what else, he is in fact, UNBELIEVABLY nice!  Everything a man in blue should be, he is.  I greeted him with "I thought you were just a myth," & he laughed & said, "Maybe I am!" with just the nicest smile you can imagine.  


I's straight and even I'd probably spoon with this guy. 

I agree with you Kyle, some guys just get us going!!

Straight to bed?

That's not the way to hang a sling.

This guy is straight and has a bed like this, and rare delicate flowers on the night stand? Wow! Maybe there is hope for America.

hey indeed looking good hope from the interior he is just a hottie,.. love to introduce to some of my bf girls,.. facebook or skype please

Holy crap. Niiccceeee!!!

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