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Hot Gay "Real World" Alum Danny Roberts Says He Hooked Up With A Straight Male Castmate On "Challenge"

Gay boys around the world fondly remember falling in love with Danny Roberts, one of the country's first openly-gay reality TV stars, during The Real World: New Orleans back in the early '00s. 

Then again when he appeared on MTV's The Challenge.

But it turns out that gay boys weren't the only ones lusting over Danny. Along with several Real World alums appearing on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, Danny says that he slept with a straight male castmate during filming of The Challenge, but he can't name names because the guy is now married. 



Well thanks to Twitter and some sluething from NewNowNext, Trishelle from Real World Vegas might have outted Danny's straight fling as Road Rules' Adam Larson. 

Which straight Challenge alum did you hope it was (or still would be, as Adam hasn't confirmed anything, obviously)?


It's Steven Hill.
Many people, like Trichelle, are trying to throw everybody his his track by saying it's other guys.
He's married with a kid and loved working as a bartender at gay clubs.

It's steven hill. Adam wasnt even married when danny made that revelation. And trischelle was pissed cause she was in PRIME TIME LOVE with steven hill.

The beard rocks.  More scruff.  

Never lose the beard. EVER. But the clothes can definitely go.

yep he needs to loose the beard and the rest of his clothes lol

Lose the beard.  You're totally killing my fantasy.  

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