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Hot Idea: QRTie Goes High Tech Around Your Neck!

A QR-coded necktie that acts as your own sartorial business card?? What sorcery is this?!

The team from the Los Angeles-based QRTie wants your neckties to make more than a fashion statement!

Check out their description via their Kickstarter campaign:

QRTies are high-quality, hand-assembled neckties which make that statement through a unique QR code printed on the back. Choose your tie style, and through the QRTie website, choose where your code directs people when scanned. You can point the code to your personal website, or use it like a business card. Redirect the code whenever and wherever you want -- your company URL by day, your  dating profile  by night.

This sounds pretty genius. Would you invest in a QRTie, Instincters? Head over to Kickstarter to help them make this innovation a reality. 

Also, find out who this guy is in the pictures. Asking for a friend.


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What about those who don't wear ties? The market is thin for this idea, but I wish them the best.

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