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Hot Nerds Face Off In Epic 'Harry Potter' vs. 'Star Wars' Battle!

The force is strong in these boys!

Australian YouTubers RackaRacka (Danny and Michael Philippou) put together this awesome special effects laden showdown between Harry Potter and a Jedi Knight and it's incredible!

Great stunts, clever comedy, and special effects make this one of the top YouTube videos of the year--and considering it's gotten nearly 5 million hits since it hit the interwebs on April 28, we think many people agree!!

Who's coming out on top, Instincters?? Watch and find out!! 

Did the best franchise man win??


(H/T: Joe.My.God.)



That was so AWESOME!!!!!!!!

That dude had some of the worst wand technique I have ever seen. He deserved to lose.

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