The Hot Nude Gay Action From "This Close" Is Here


The Sundance Now original series This Close has been blowing up the Gay Internet since we found out that fluid icon Nyle DiMarco would be lending his sexy self to the dramedy series. Now that we're halfway into the fledgling show about the unique friendship between a deaf gay man and his deaf female BFF,  we know that the show runners are not holding back when it comes to depicting the main character's private lives.

The deaf, openly gay actor and This Close creator Joshua Feldman plays Michael - a man single and ready mingle after enduring a painful breakup. According to Collider, Feldman and his real-life friend Shoshanna Stern - who is also deaf and plays on-screen bestie Kate - were tired of a lack of roles for deaf actors in Hollywood. The duo took matters into their own hands by creating This Close, and their hard work paid off, because it's receiving critical acclaim and is sitting pretty on Rotten Tomatoes right now with a 100% Fresh rating.

Michael is all about that gay sex club life, and in the episode "Like I Always Wanted" he hooks up with Alex Polcyn! But things get even downer and dirtier in the episode Night and Day when Feldman appears alongside hotties Colt Prattes, Angel Garet, and David Walsh for some group loving. As you can guess, the nude and gay peeks from This Close are NSFW, so you will need to head to a NSFW site to see the full clips. Enjoy!

Head HERE (site very NSFW) for the full clips