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Hot Selfie-Taking Baseball Player Grady Sizemore Signs w/ Boston Red Sox

You know we like to keep you up to date on all the latest sports news, Instincters. (Stop.) So we feel bad for not informing you last week about the Boston Red Sox signing outfielder Grady Sizemore to a contract.

Sizemore's one-year deal is worth $750,000, but he could be making up to $6 million with bonuses. 

Sizemore's contributed a lot to the blogosphere over the years, due to his penchant for nude and barely clothed selfies. We hope he'll continue to contribute to us--and to his team in the future. 

Clearly Sizemore has a lot to offer.

Go team!!


Image Source (H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Looks like he has a small dick....

oh holly

All female and gay male Yankee fans now switch teams after this! LOL

He is def very hot, and with a perfect butt!!!

That's a nice bathroom, but the cabinets don't match. Love the tub though...

Anyone else notice the nut sack in the first pic?

takes teabagging to a whole new level

Wow! That is a NICE bathroom!

you're only noticing the bathroom?


When a ball player shows that much #Gay...... Just saying.....

He is handsome with a PERFECTLY HOT body!!!  Woof!

Why do they always have to pose in a messy bathroom and/or around a toilet? :P

what's with the Vaseoline in one of the shots? Hmmm?

He's hot and all but I wish he would close the door, close the drawer, put the toilet seat down and not drink tea in the bathroom.

Yea I can't imagine having a closet that close to the pooper is such a great idea... =S

Droll worthy.....all of them!


Glad to be from Boston <g> Welcome Grady to "Beantown" !!

Clearly, we can see his nuts. I mean he's nuts... I mean, uh....

How did I miss this guy??  Very hot!!

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