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Hot Speedo-Clad Football Fan Captures Ire Of Security During The Game

Updated 5 p.m. est 

Other glorious photos of the "dangerous" football fans have popped up on social networks:

You're welcome to visit our sports box anytime, gentlemen.


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Aren't there other, more pressing issues the security at Sunlife Stadium has to worry about during a Miami Dolphins game? 

Apparently not, as, according to Fandium's Instagram account, these hotties were told to put their pants back on after stripping down to Speedo's emblazoned with the Dolphins logo. Why in the world is this not allowed?!

On the other hand, they do look so good they could cause a riot!


They are awesome 

They are awesome 

The guy with the "horrible back tattoo" and who looks like a "little boy" happens to be my boyfriend :-) him and his good friend Kyle are just having fun. No need for negative comments , their just two sports fanatics having a good time  supporting their team! Mwah!!!

Hey sarah, this is Liz from TMZ Sports... hit me up!

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Have you any more stories for us?


These two guys are known criminals in WPB..... so much hating right!? LOL hahaha

Sarah, your boyfriend is cute, and I like his unique back tattoo.  He and Kyle are rocking the baby blue speedo' it!  They look like really fun guys.  

Aw thank you! Although I wasn't too keen on having my boyfriend with such little clothing on in public, im glad they did it and are having fun!! 

I'd dump my load in both a these bois!!

  if it were a women the place would be cheering 

Meanwhile on the other side of the world they take a much saner approach to the beauty of the male body, and  Check out this nude rugby game in New Zealand. 

The boys paly in the nude and the girls (boys, men, women) appear not to be offended. 

( Sorry for the double post. It took a while for my first one to show up and I thought that it had failed to go through - but apparently not.) 

VIDEO-HIGHLIGHTS-Nude-rugby-takes-place-in-Dunedin NZ

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world. The boys play nude and the girls (and boys & men) appear not to be offended. 

What Speedos?  It's that stupid back tat that I have a problem with

hmmm...  so if they  would have been wearing Speedos and had their bodies painted that would be OK  I guess - especially given that seing people in various states of undress and physical fitness show their bare painted bodies at foottball games and other sporting events .... Facts... these men did have appropriate cover for their genetalia, and were doing this to support their hometown team Nothing illegal here, nothing indecent.  America get with the rest of the civilized world and shed the puirtitanical false modeesty -- And Dolphins... here's a theme day for yu Speedo day!!!!

Well, Mr Speedo isn't there for your family time. All this "it's for the children" crap...I'm not your kids parents, you are. I'm going to do what I want. "It takes a village"...whatever. Your 9 year old and your lack of skills in explaining things is your problem, not mine.

What do the cheerleaders wear on the field? Probably less than these guys.

the eternal question.... slim vs body building.... btw... are they boyfriends?

I say LEAVE THEM BE! If it was a woman nobody would have had a problem with it. Besides, if they can televise sports where speedos are worn I don't think it should matter if a fan has a speedo on. It doesn't matter if there wasn't a pool around. Security can be so LAME!!!

I'm sure if it was a woman, it would not have been a big deal. Either way, I love the eye candy in Miami lol

I'm sure if it was a woman, it would not have been a big deal. Either way, I love the eye candy in Miami lol

It just goes to show everyone that we, Americans, the majority are prudes. The fact that we have segregated bathrooms. In Europe, there are some coed. We ask people(male and female) to cover up(breast feeding moms included) when in Europe it's completely natural. To the two men.....I am in security and would just smile and wave at you lol. Good luck gentlemen! You kept the speedos in good taste; not thongs or anything offensive. Come to Orlando any time!

Don't get this. As a cop I would have to tell the person who requested them to put pants on that they are not violating any code. Unless there is some rule posted saying no bathing suits. Then I'd have to tell the guys to take them off :-) just saying. 

Good Call Lloyd!  I think they should take them off too ;)

I understand why security took notice, it does look like he is carrying a concealed weapon.

LOL nice call, mate. lol

wow!!   Americans that have bodies worth looking at that aren't gay??   Amazing!!

If I had bods like either of those guys I would do my shopping in November in Speedos!!

I bet they arent queuing for hot dogs, burgers and coca-cola at half time....

Ahem....they ARE gay.  Why did you assume they weren't?  Cause they were at a football game?  LOL

Dear Bearded Dude - Marry me 

This is all hilarious, and for all of you who think he is gay just because he is wearing a spedo is ridiculous ! I know him personally and I know that he is far from gay. If a girl were to walk around in a bikini I am sure this would not even be an issue. I am pretty sure the security guards should have something better to do that harass two kids that are just having a good time. They have done this at several games so it's funny how they are finally catching on.

It does not matter if he is gay or not, he had the balls to do and was having fun, Did NOT 

cause any harm for him or anyone else.  People need to get a fucking life and let others 

have fun :-)

I raised my kids in sunny South Florida. There's a lot of European tourists that visit the beach all year long. The men wear speedos and the women go topless. I just explained to my kids that for them this is very normal. They accepted it and never questioned it again. They're both totally normal, functioning adults today. Some of you need to get over yourselves.

blond bimbos can waltz around in thong bikinis and that's ok... But two men with a sense of humor show up in speedos get called out? Granted they are hot gays, and for those of you that think otherwise... Really? Granted they're are what is typically a sport where  STRAIGHT men wear shoulder pads and tight capris while slapping each other on the ass, tackling each other then running off to shower together. Hmm???

Although I thought is was kinda bull that the bottom got dressed... Have some FUCKING CONVICTION!!! 

Oh just because he is hairless makes him the bottom?

It´s not because he is hairless, it´s because he got dressed.

This is very pleasant to look at but is this really the most important current and cultural story about the Miami Dolphins that an LGBT magazine (which I love, btw, truly truly do love you guys) can write about? What about Incognito and Martin? What about the relevance of locker room politics (regardless of the trigger) to promoting safe spaces for LGBT folks in sports? Is it such a far cry from our readership to talk about other forms of discrimination as it relates to sports? If so, then what are all the colors in our rainbow flag doing there? I pinky-swear promise, most of us will keep reading even if you talk about something that doesn't directly relate to male aesthetics, many of us actually are engaged in sports. No harm no foul for mixing up your fb posts, but consider what else we, as a community, could be talking about--doesn't always have to be our eyes that direct our attention.

You're wound way too tight homie. Not every article in every magazine has to be about how we as gays are being mistreated. I DO believe everyone should be treated fairly, but being an ultimately practical person, I think that means not treating them any differently than you would anyone else. I dont think we really NEED a tranny-safe-zone in football, as they would clearly burst their silicone implants with the first good tackle. I mean, how do you know if these guys are gay or straight? And what does it have to do with politics? Why rain on the parade of handsome men in half a yard of tight shiny fabric for everyone? "Well, what about the social ramifications of blah blah blah this is more imrabble rabble rabble." Honestly, I think we have more important shit to worry about as a country than who gets to pee where, and if you're gonna prioritize, do it objectivley and not selfishly. You want politics? Watch the fuggin news.


Dont be the dick who ruins it for everyone.

Tommyj, judging from the fact you missed the particular issue I was referencing (nothing to do w gender, or politics), I imagine you either did not care to read what I actually wrote (which is fine) or you are not following what's going on w the dolphins right now (fair enough)--either way, you are welcome to your opinion, sir. I would also urge you to steer clear of insulting women (not a very classy look) but something tells me you are not in the business of weighing out your words for the sake of others. Again, bygones. I am sorry my reference to current events bummed you out so much . Lesson learned. As noted, I am big supporter of Instinct, and my words were not meant to make anyone get touchy or have feelings hurt. Take care.

You might wanna choose your choice of words. "tranny"? really?!?...........

I love a hot bear and twink in any setting 

For those of you making assumptions let me set the record straight... First of all, his name is Kyle (the one with the beard) and the other is Brendan. They are straight. (sorry to burst the bubble for some of you).

Hey Amber, it's Liz from TMZ sports....

:) hit me up - we'd love to talk! 818.972.8263

I flat-out don't believe any of you dremers that claim you know them, or their names, or their sexual orientation. Yeah, that just happened; I called you out on your bullshit.

Kyle is straight?  Thanks for ruining Thanksgiving for all the hairy gay bears, Amber.  

Thank you, Amber, for letting us know their names. These 2 men seem Quite comfortable displaying themselves in this Completely legal way, and are actively enjoying the public attention they receive. They would not have worn said outfits, had they not been in te first place. Sexuality aside; these men knew that being clothed in public assuch would garner some type of sexual attention from the public. I will only assume they aren't ignorant to think the only people Looking at them would be women. They appear to be spunky, intelligent guys. They totally deserve the benefit of the doubt. Furthermore, in an age where Any and Everything that Can be, Will be digitally transmitted to as many people as it can reach...worldwide. These guys could not think they wouldn't catch an eye and some attention. As far as I can tell, nothing of harm has come from this, nor has anyone made untoward advances upon them. Thus my point; Thank you for waving your neon flag, Amber, to let us All Know that thes guys are Straight! And Sorry to anyone who thought different. Obviously Someone had to defend these chaste, private, harassed, and misunderstood men. The unwarranted attention from the gay community is just Shattering their delicate sensibilities. It's also probably good for them to be reminded that someone like yourself feels such a Rabid need to Own them.

Have a nice evening, Amber. Maybe also; relax, chill out, and let the world have some fun. Which I think was the whole Point of these 2 dudes wearing speedos at a game. Peace.

Project much?

It is you who should relax.

Clearly you took my comment the wrong way. I am so sorry if you thought I was offensive in my clarification. I did not, in any way mean to come off as though they needed to be defended. I also did not find it imperative to let people know they are straight. I just thought it was funny that people jumped so quickly to the conclusion that they could tell their sexual orientation simply because they are extremely comfortable in their own skin, and showing off their bodies. My remark was light-hearted and simply meant to be informative. Neither myself nor them feel they have been harassed or misunderstood and I was not commenting in an attempt to defend them.. or my delicate sensibilities, as you so quickly and inaccurately judged me to be doing. I think this article is fantastic and the attention they are receiving from people, both gay and straight, is great! That being said, anonymous poster, relax, chill out and have some fun.

If that's the case, then it's chill. I have just never seen someone make said statement being 'light hearted'. There is a defensive air in having to make sure the world Knows. Not saying you specifically, just in general. What is the purpose behind it, you suppose? I Do agree that it is pointless of Anyone to Assume their orientation. A beautiful man is a beautiful man. That's pretty much where all this should have started An stopped. Be well, Amber. Tell those boys to bask in it as long as it will last.


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