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Hot Speedo-Clad Football Fan Captures Ire Of Security During The Game

Updated 5 p.m. est 

Other glorious photos of the "dangerous" football fans have popped up on social networks:

You're welcome to visit our sports box anytime, gentlemen.


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Aren't there other, more pressing issues the security at Sunlife Stadium has to worry about during a Miami Dolphins game? 

Apparently not, as, according to Fandium's Instagram account, these hotties were told to put their pants back on after stripping down to Speedo's emblazoned with the Dolphins logo. Why in the world is this not allowed?!

On the other hand, they do look so good they could cause a riot!


......please tell us all your intention when you point out that the the man doing his job as instructed wants to frisk him for pleasure....

Chocolate Drop?... Your a Moron

Idiot can you talk like that?...its very obvious your stupidity .. hahaha .... I'm Caucasian and I'm sure my ass and yours smell like any race ...... idiot..

If he'd been a girl in a bikini would anyone have complained?

If it had been a chick in a bikini then the guard would have helped rub sun cream on her back!!!!


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