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Hot Straight Naked Dudes Cover Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball" Music Video

And just like that, we have a new favorite band. All it took were some filled-out tighty-whities, man butt, and an incredible cover of the season's best power ballad, Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball." 



How do you think King the Kid did with their NSFW cover/parody video, Instincters?



Why Have They ALL Got Eyebrows Like Thunderbird Puppets?!?

Chicken hawk 

I the the term is "Cicken Hawk"

Enjoyed this

I thought it was pretty hot

Actually Hoyt, I am anything but a 'cynical freak of nature' as you so incorrectly pegged me to be. I just didn't find anything of much visual value or worth in this video. I just can't help that I'm NOT a chicken queen. I want to see mature men in their whitey tighties (ideally out of their whitey tighties), not boys fresh out of high school or perhaps a little bit older. Just my personal preference and certainly not a point for you to tear me down over. I could just as simply rip into you, but just as you don't know anything about me, I don't know anything about you, so why bother.

The song is fine, it's just the concept and presentation in the video that is unappealing to me. The shot of the one fellow rolling around in the dirt of the broken cinder blocks was really bad when he rolled onto his stomach and the whole butt of his shorts was soiled, it looked just like he had shit himself. So unattractive and not something I would want immortalized in a video taping. Obviously, we all have differing tastes in men and music, but this combination simply didn't work for me. Just one of those freaky nature things I'd have to say.

The intention of this video was not to make people think they were attractive. They were reenacting Miley's video for the song. At one point it looked like he shit his pants because it looked like that in her video. And before you go saying these guys aren't "mature" just because of this video & their ages, get to know them. They've worked their asses off to get to where they are today. But you wouldn't know how far they've come because you judged them based off of a 3 minute video.

You missed my point about maturity. It's a matter of physical maturity that I referenced, not chronological age. These performers are still 'babies' age-wise and they just don't fit my preferred age group of men. They may well be 'mature' musically but certainly not grown men mature, and that was my train of thought. Perhaps I have judged them, but you too are judging me and my own opinions and personal choices in the types of men I look for. Likewise, by your ending sentence, you too are just as guilty of judging another as you accuse me of being, so we're all wrong in our assumptions and observations. So what if I don't much care for this video or the guys who perform in it, that doesn't mean anyone else is required or obligated to view it from my vantage point, and that was all I did. Enjoy this video as apparently you do, just don't expect or ask me to, it's not going to happen.

I respect your opinion. You have every right not to like them or the video. And I wasn't judging you. All I was saying was that there is more to them than just their outward appearance.

To contradicted DAVID the cynical freak of nature that he obviously is...I think these boys have a true shot at a music career. Great voice, creative video, could have been better but guess what this shit poo on the sad man man will very little positive to guys rock and I would watch anything that you boys put out...oh am i am not a freak for those tighty whiteys either...but good show...keep up the good work.

Well, I would have enjoyed this song much more if it didn't have the video accompanying it. I simply can't find these three children to be attractive or even interesting, especially after the close-ups and seeing their pimply complexions on their baby faces! Complete and total turn-off, huge turn-off. Maybe I'm just being too critical, but I don't particularly like seeing young men, still almost boys actually, in their undies, haven't since I was their age eons ago. Needless to say, but I won't be viewing this one again, ever. I likewise, won't be viewing miss nasty Miley's video either, she is unimpressive, and only slightly more talented than her pathetic dad, just barely though.

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