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The Hottest Guy In The World In 2014 According To Attitude's Readers Is...

Tom Daley! 

Did you guess with the majority of voters? 

If not, perhaps your nomination for the title of the World's Sexiest Man this year is included in the Top 10 somewhere:

10. Russell Tovey
9. Zayn Malik
8. Duncan James
7. Chris Mears
6. Harry Judd
5. Dan Osborne
4. David Beckham
3. Zac Efron
2. Shayne Ward
1. Tom Daley

The winner of the adoration of legions also happens to be Attitude's cover star this month. Tom thanked his fans in a quick interview with the gay U.K. mag at an even at last night. “I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who voted for me in Attitude’s HOT 100 – it means the world,” said Tom.

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This should have been called "Hottest male celebrities from the British Isles and America."  Tom Daley would still be my top choice regardless. 

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Are they all white? the top 10? YAWN...get me something better please.

Shamar Moore should have been #1

How is Joe Manganiello NOT in the top 10?

Notice their are no nigger men here. All black men are worthless, ugly, big lipped, big nose niggers with nappy hair like a BABOON from the zoo.

Someone obviously lost his man to a bigger, blacker cock.

You sound lovely. What the hell prompted that? You get mugged today or something? 

Hmmm... I could be a stereotypical African American with no class and just cuss you out.... Or I could just say you're an ignorant, pitiful excuse for a human, devoid of any shred of decency and intelligence. Even you're just trolling, you're pathetic. I know you're envious of my DSL's, keen sense of smell, self-expressive hair style, and contributive existence, but there is no need to be so malicious about it. Get help, quickly. With love ^_^

Good job Christian!  :-)

EPIC FAIL! I have seen much better!

You all can HAVE these guys. They don't do anything for me

Tom Daley is ugly and GROSS!

You all clearly have not seen him without regular grooming, as his body is GROSSLY hairy, not well toned and his ace look sunken like he might have AIDS.

There are more selfies, snapshots with fans, and just about anything photographic with Tom Daley as a subject, but none depict what you describe. The "Attitude" cover may be photoshopped, but not that much and not to the extent you describe.

I'm very glad these ten good looking guys made the list... but let's be honest if not for fame would they have made it? Maybe the title the ten hottest FAMOUS guys in America would be more appropriate... because I have married one, not famous that is the one of the hottest guys in the world, like many others unknown not from America. 

Results prove that the concept of beauty and taste cannot be framed, put in a box, shaped, formatted, guided, biased, dictated etc. While the others are definitely hot, there's more than physique on Tom Daley. He deserves the title.

Honestly, if they really wanted to publish the "hottest guy in the world" he's probably a normal everyday guy in Australia, Brazil, Brooklyn or Kentucky. But of course they have to feature someone famous so that they move magazines off the shelf. There is simply no way that Daly is it. He's cute and fit, but he's also short and mousy. Unless his shirt was off, I don't think I'd notice him walking down the street. These "hottest guy" mags are ridiculous. 

Exactly what I've always thought. Nailed it.

Jamie Dornan should be on the list.

Nice to see Zayn Malik on there. When that kid is ON, he looks fine as hell and the only one from that gormless band that doesn't look like the mutant product of a massive in-breeding experiment. Is he the only non-white person on this though? If so, not a good look Attitude readers....

So, are you saying that more non-white people should have been included BECAUSE of their skin colour? 

I think Melanie is saying that the readers of Attitude have a narrow-minded sense of beauty... Not that it should be based on race, but that if you're trying to define the Hottest Guy in the World, then its pretty sad that pretty much all the guys in the top ten are white.

My own personal #1 would be singer Eli Lieb. But, I doubt he is known at all in the UK, much less enough to make a list like this.

"Attitude" is a British publication and Tom a Daley is a huge celebrity in England, so this is no surprise. Personally I think he's adorable, but he still strikes me as a kid, so thinking of him as sexy strikes me as creepy. Lovable, yes, handsome, yes, sexy, too many nieces and nephews to go that way.

What??!!! Are you sure it was the people out here(the public) that made this the winner? He's ok, but I wouldn't call this one extremely sexy, good-looking or even just cute. I wouldn't even say this guy is a hunk- at all.

Cute but that's about it...possibly fit looking. Number 1...doubtful.

MAJOR FAIL!!! The only ones who should be on this list are Duncan James and Dan Osborne, and maybe David Beckham. None of the other guys should ever appear on a list containing the word 'hot'. Hard to believe this is the list of hot guys that a gay publication came up with. Although for a culture who thinks being fresh out of high school and weighing 100 pounds instantly makes you sexy, I guess this list makes sense. In my opinion, this was a serious miss on the part of Instinct and a serious zonk on its readers. Perhaps next year will be better. A little suggestion Instinct, there's a reason why they call it 40 and fabulous!

David Beckham?????!!!!! Hell no!!! So overrated!

Sorry, I should have looked closer... FAIL on the part of Attitude magazine.

Joe Manganiello puts those little boys to shame.

You can say that again about Joe. Now from the list Russel Tovey. I have watched him for over 15 years growing at acting and looking more sure of himself. I'd love to make love to that sexy man.

Oh Yeahhh! You've got that one right! He could make you cum just looking at him in person.

LIFE IS NOT RACIALLY FAIR -- sorry!  There are going to be fewer Black Gay icons, and fewer White NBA players.

--- but Taye Diggs and Shemar Moore and Mario Lopez  would have been on the list a decade ago; and have not been replaced by new men of color.

Only in America would Mario Lopez be considered a "man of colour". We don't consider Spanish people anything but white here in Europe. I'll never understand why America invented a separate race for Latin Americans. Or sadly, maybe I do understand it.

You just called them Latin Americans.....You have to love a racist who is too stupid to realize his language is racist....idiot !!!

In referring to Latin Americans, I mean people from Latin America. Just like I'm from Europe, so I'm a European. How is that racist language?

The IQ levels on this website get lower with every passing week.

You're racist! You just called people from Europe 'Europeans' ROFLMFAO ;)

Dan Osborne is WAY hotter than Tom Daley. Just saying.

Totally agree!

I second that!! 

They are all white!! boring

This list is like a Who's Who of "Who?".

I was thinking the same thing!

You might as well have put Jack Laugher on the list to make it a trifecta. The British Diving team are all hotties!

Bunch of haters, the guy is hot so get over it, I bet he looks better than most you negative ones! And I'm hispanic and there isn't any hispanic on the list you don't see me complaining! Get a life people stop making everything a race issue, GROW UP!

would switch Russell Tovey and David Beckham and move Dan Osborne to 1st

You all haven't seen Georgie ward! Check him out, he's amazing and really hot!

Jeez...why is it an issue because they are all white?
If they were all black would anyone care? If they were all Asian would anyone care?
Just because they are of one race does not make it a racial statement.
Lighten up people


Such a stupid, blanket statement...

Asians? Who the hell has ever seen a hot Asian?

I'm sure they do exist. I'm not into them but I would think they are plentiful in Asia. Oh, and Israelis and Turks and Syrians are Asians, too. Now if you don't like any of those, then you're missing out, pal

Come to Irvine and feast your eyes.......beautiful Asian men are EVERYWHERE!

Where the hell is Matt Bomer!?!?!?!?

getting his ass injected by some AIDS nigger

Huh? What's the hell's the matter with you? He's married to a white dude. You're just spewing shit. 

Russell Tovey is not attractive. 

Joe Manganiello! Hot hot! You really can't go wrong with any of them.

Worst list EVER. Who on Earth voted!?!?

what about JACK LAUGHER??? He is a hottie too :3

bitch please where are all the black guys?!

In prison.

no Asian guys.......what's going on......

what.. tom/ he has piggy face.....


Dan Osborne is the best and hottest guy!

I agree with Tom. HOTTTTTT

The simplicity of him, makes him a winner. Yasssssss!!! For Tom.

No argument, but, prefer my men hairier and a bit of scruff. 

It's really hard being a man of colour and constantly seeing white men as the preferred type. Tumblr, porn, Instinct, Attitude................its just fucking hard. We can feel so low.

Magazine "top whatever" lists are entirely marketing driven. They have no basis in what's hot or not. Tom Daley... I mean really? He's famous and not unattractive, but certainly not very hot. There are plenty of attractive black men. Just not as popular this year in the UK. 

Really why the hell do you and others feel the need 2 spoil a bit of fun and bring race in 2 this im more than positive had there been a influential GOOD looking black man in the media/sport he would fetcher on the list

I have to disagree, if just a little. Yes, it's a little odd that there are no men of color on the list, but no one can deny there are hot, gorgeous men of all races. As a white, blond guy, I always find it disconcerting how the predominant images we see in all media (gay or straight) are white men and women. However, it's only been within the last 40 years or so that people of color have been allowed to have a real, human presence in mass media. Mind you, the presentation of these images are nowhere near where they should be, but it sure beats the singing minstrels or the guy asleep in a sombrero leaning against a cactus, or [insert archaic racial stereotype here] that was prevalent on t.v. or in movies not that many years ago. I guess the overriding message is that we aren't where we want to be, but thank God we aren't where we used to be. It will get better. We just need patience and perseverance.

I feel you on this one. Feel we will never be considered hot. People will only see us by stereotype. Makes it harder when I don't see color and like to date out of my race. Skin color always seems to important to folks... It does hurt.


I believe the readership has a majority of white readers, there are so many beautiful men of colour. No need to feel low these are just reader polls and have no real standings.

I sympathize. Please don't let it get you down. I hate seeing only white white white, and I'm white white white. This will change, I hope, over time. 

First understand this is a mostly white publication in a majority white nation. England. Who the hell cares what their skin color is. If the publication were in say Japan, all the hotties would be Asian. If the publication were in Nigeria, all the hotties would prob be black. Just enjoy beauty no matter what color it comes packaged in.

Any country in the World favors white people's looks. Even plastic surgeons can attest to this because all their work is to make 'ethnic' look 'whiter'

Tom Daley is OK but hottest guy in the world???  No.

Dan Osborne is a dream boat and all (and I surly would not turn him down) but let's say we were all at a bar, meeting randomly (in real life) I would go for Russell Tovey. Hands down. He is more realistic looking and not too pretty; very masculine and, more importantly, attainable. 

So...only white guys?

Zayn is Pakistani. It looks like these guys are all British, cept Zac. 

Where's James Franco?



Jason, I cracked up at your comment! LOL! I agree. He is ok but not my all...

I second that

Tom Daley is not all that. Dan Osborne is way hotter.


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