The Hottest Member Of One Direction, According To Scientific Proof Is...

Because of Liam Payne's recent misstep on Twitter, Greg Stevens, Instinct friend and science correspondent at the Kernel, pointed us to his recent scientific analysis of One Direction's objective sex appeal. His story has helped us shrug off Liam's ignorant Twitter scandal because Louis is hotter anyway, you know, according to science. 

Greg writes:

The most well-studied and commonly-accepted factors that influence attractiveness have to do with facial symmetry and proportions: size of, and distance between, the eyes, the height and position of the ears, the relative widths of the nose, mouth and face, and so on.

Several websites and apps offer to calculate an overall attractiveness “score” based on these measurements. Each service functions in essentially the same way: you upload a photo, and then use the mouse to identify certain “key” locations on the face so that the application can then measure the various distances and proportions that it needs in order to calculate an overall “attractiveness score”.

After some detailed testing of the different options available, we decided that Anaface was the most scientific and reliable. It produced relatively consistent results for individuals even across multiple photos, and also provided a detailed critique to explain why each score was as high or as low as it was.


So who is objectively the most attractive member of One Direction? It is obviously a very close race between Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson; however, just as with lists of the best football teams and the best universities, in the end there can only be one winner.

Therefore, according to this study, the answer is: Louis Tomlinson.

Head over to the Kernel to check out the science behind the analysis and more details on what the program liked and didn't like about the faces of One Direction.





I could have told you that.  But again The Wanted, Union J and The Collective are way better.

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