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Hottie Henry Cavill Defends Superman's Hairy Chest

Superman Henry Cavill has rushed to the defense of the drool-worthy hairy chest he sports under that great big S in Man of Steel. Apparently some superfans were critical of the decision to make Superman a Scruff posterboy, and Henry has rushed to defend his hirsute pecs. 

“It’s something that I wanted to because in the comic book Death of Superman, there’s this bit where his costume’s ripped, and he’s making the ultimate sacrifice—and he’s got this hairy chest!” Cavill added “I was like ‘Okay, why is there this perception that because he’s muscly, he must have no body hair?’ And I thought why can’t we just do that, like in the comic books.”

How do you like your Superman? Smooth or scruffy?


He's so hot.. he has a good body twitter followers

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It's not all about what girls like - there are  lots of us guys out here who love a man with a hairy chest. waxed/shaved/manscaped makes some guys look like they are 12 years old, regardless of definition. I love men, not boys. 

Seriously, what's with all these "his hairy chest is so hot!"- articles? I was like O.O when I first saw that hair ;-; why do people think this looks good?

He's totally hot, of course, but I really really dislike hairy chests. actually most girls do, don't get the articles....but the film was absolutely fantastic and he's an amazing superman, so I it's ok if he's not totally perfect^^

Hairy chests are super hot. I think the opposite - really dislike smooth chests. I am sure you will find most girls do like hairy chests as well as lots of guys like myself. 

Scruffy! There is something about a rugged, built, scruffy man that just makes me melt.

It's 2013. "Manscaping," waxing, trimming, threading, head shaving, goatees are already out-dated and kind of have "Jersey Shore" overtones. The myths are debunked: chest hair doesn't necessarily hide muscle definition (it helps on some guys), shaved pubes don't make anything look bigger (you're fooling no one), and threaded eyebrows make a guy look more like Joan Crawford than anyone else. Movies of the last decade that showed men having to wax their chests to get the girl were nothing more than "product placement." There were plenty of us who still felt chest hair only made a man sexier no matter what the fashion trend was. I am happy to see the "Man of Steel" have a naturally furry chest and chin. It's refreshing, real and very sexy.

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