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House Speaker John Boehner: ENDA Is 'Unnecessary'

Don't expect Republican House Speaker John Boehner to bring the Employment Non-Discrimination Act up for a vote anytime soon. 

His comments during a press conference Thursday morning make his stance very clear. Watch.

Boehner said:

“I am opposed to discrimination of any kind, in the workplace and any place else, but I think this legislation that I’ve dealt with as chairman of The Education & The Workforce Committee…is unnecessary and would provide a basis for frivolous lawsuits.

“People are already protected in the workplace. I’m opposed to continuing this. Listen, I understand people have differing opinions on this issue, and I respect those opinions. But as someone who’s worked in the employment law area for all my years in the State House and all my years here, I see no basis or no need for this legislation.”

Let's not forget that you can be fired for your sexual orientation in 29 states and for your gender identity in 33.

Nope. ENDA's not necessary at all. 


(H/T: The New Civil Rights Movement)


I wanna eat his hole!

How can one man's opinion affect the lives of millions of Americans?  Obviously, he is not aware that the overwhelming majority of Americans are in favor of ENDA.  Is this what democracy is all about?

No Need, In Florida you can be fired for being Gay.

Him serving as Speaker of The House isn't what's necessary.


This is exactly why gay Republicans are ridiculous. I miss Speaker Pelosi. 

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