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Houston Astros' Josh Reddick Celebrates Victory in Sexy Speedo

It's always fun when you are able to celebrate something you work really hard for, and in most cases it shouldn't really matter what ensemble you are wearing in order to really enjoy the moment.  That would clearly be the case for Houston Astros' hottie Josh Reddick, who had a field day of sorts when his team clinched the AL West title the other night and he showed off the pride for his team in his own special way.



See above.  He rocked a star-spangled speedo to celebrate with his fellow teammates on their big win.  Yay, team!  (More, yay his other stuff).

This isn't the first time that Josh has been seen a colorful speedo of sorts.  He did the same sort of thing last year when he was playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers when they celebrated their own win as well.

Maybe we will see him in a speedo-themed 2018 calendar?  Who knows.  Keep enjoying yourself Josh, as we will enjoy with you.