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How Did HBO's 'Looking' Do In The Ratings?

So the show's not necessarily on fire (ratings wise) coming out of the gate, but that doesn't mean there isn't hope! 

Vulture revealed the Nielsen ratings for Sunday's premiere of HBO's Looking:

HBO's Looking is still looking for its audience: Sunday's premiere was seen by just 338,000 viewers at 10:30 p.m., per Nielsen. That's less than half the audience of lead-in Girls (799,000 viewers, down from 1.1 million last week), and in the same ballpark as HBO's short-lived Enlightened (which drew 300,000 viewers with its post-Girls second season debut last January). HBO notes that, with various Sunday replays, Looking nearly doubled its audience, to 606,000 viewers. 

There's definitely room to grow, but word of mouth could definitely bring in viewers as the show continues to develop. 

Are you surprised by the numbers for HBO's new gay series, Instincters?


I love it!!!

Anything gay is ALWAYS corny and gross, as well as an embarrassment to the gay community.

There was also a high volume of watch's on Youtube and other online venues. Its hard to gage todays TV audience with so many alternatives. The show in my opinion was excellent, smart writing and the characters are much more real, less stereotypes. Looking forward to more.

Wow guys, give the show some time to develop.  However, if you're hoping it will be the soap opera that Queer As Folk was, you're bound to be disappointed.  I found it a nice introduction, I'm anxious to see more.

I hope they make this show the best they can since it's one of the only Gay shows out there at the moment. 

Absolutely rubbish on all fronts: casting, editing, script (ugh), and application of concept.

just so wack on too many levels. I hope it flops. Asap

The show's main character is supposed to be 29 but he's living the life of a gay man in his late thirties.  I would have believed it more if he was 38, experienced, maybe a little jaded and looking for that special someone after years of single life instead of a 29 year old supposed dreamer who just can't seem to find the right date.   It was almost forced that his age was 29 and parts felt written by straight people who want to but just don't get it.

Hope it gets better. I wasn't particularly connecting or that interested in them that much but the older one seem to be the most interesting at this point.

For HBO this show is very tame. If you are going to have sex scenes then have sex scenes. Not cut aways to later that day etc. Plus the audience that watches Girls isn't the same as looking and the promo for this show was so lack luster. It didn't pull you in and not the most attractive guys either with no real cross section. We shall see where it goes from here.

I think some people in the gay community got a little bothered with the representation in the first episode, but I actually thought it was pretty accurate. Well, I mean, they're late 20's guys in a big city, still wanting to have fun and at the same time looking for love (or a casual f*ck). They use drugs eventually not always... It is kind of like we all do. Like, I know LOTS of guys there are like them, which I think is a pro to the series. And some of the topics, specially with Patrick (Johnathan Groff) were really believable, like the one with a boyfriend that he really liked and they ended the relationship and next thing he knows, the guy is getting married. Or the crappy date and the info that Patrick kind of lied saying that he works out and stuff like that, who didn't do this thing at least once? And throw a stone the one that NEVER gave wrong name and phone number to someone that you didn't find interesting or was bothering you on a club... Those things are, as someone in other comment said "accurately awkward". Because is the truth, even if you don't want to agree with it, or think is too embarrassing.

Some people think that we evolved and don't do anymore things that are cliché and were there in that episode but, let's face it, we still do some of those cliché things. Yes, 30 minutes is too short to give it space for the characters to growth in a drama type of show, but I think "Looking" is definitely going to get better and better.

I'm 25 and I have friends of 29, 27, 23 and so on. I certainly can identify them (and me, also) in there and I'm Brazillian! So, yeah, I think they did a good job having so little time to develop characters.​

I was underwhelmed but I didn't get invested until the very end. The threesomes, recreational drugs, and park scene didn't bother me. I will continue to watch because its said to be a different kind of gay story telling. I kind of like that the actors are unknown and all aren't the traditional hunks, babes or straight men Its tapping into a different kind of sexy.

The drug use bordered on comical and grossly exaggerated. Unprotected sex still happens, the park thing still goes on, and online hook ups are rampant. Why no monagomous couple? As shocking as it's not there are tons of us out there who don't share our partners.

Anyone living in a large city can vouch for the gay community not being beyond sex in parks and public bathrooms, and not being beyond the constant search for random NSA hookups. Dan Savage preaches open relationships and a simple glance at grindr or jack'd or adam4adam shows there's guys online 24/7 looking for meaningless sex. 45 minutes in the gay community or a cursory browsing of your gay Facebook friends will also show that recreational drug use is very much alive and well in the gay world. All that being said, the show was too short to develop beyond these cliches and too sporadic to make any of the leading characters memorable. But I thought it was very well scripted and accurately awkward! 

I was really looking forward to this show, and unfortunately felt DISAPPOINTED after the premier episode.  Hasn't the gay community evolved past sex in the park, threesomes, and pot heads...REALLY?!?

Didn't really think that it was a good or uplifting representation/reflection/depiction of gay life in 2014.  Hopefully, the show will improve and gain more/wider viewership and not get canceled.

I wanted to like this show, I really did.  And I will continue to watch because I hear the story starts to take off after episode 3.  The problem for me is that I don't find any of these characters appealing, especially the Jonathan Groff character.  

I liked it, but honestly, I wanted to love it.  I will definitely keep watching.  It seems like a good show, but I am hoping it gets to be great.  I'm interested to see how they represent gays.  I hope there's more to it than just who these guys are screwing.

I this also doesn't account for dvr recordings so that's a few more to add on the pile... I'm also sad that it's only 30 min episodes.. Not a lot of time to intro your cast in depth.

Yes, I agree, the show needs to run to 1 hour an episode.

Agreed. I wish it was a hour, too.

I thought it was too short.  Not enough time to develop.  I will watch a few more episodes and see where it goes.  Queer as Folk grabbed your attention right from the beginning.

they are offering a show with no big names, not even D listers, so we are watching unknowns in what is so far a show that is confusing...i watched and i liked the chemistry and mystery. Howver i cant recall the name of one character. It made me think of this as a male sex in the least I knew carrie's and samantha names.

Right. The opening episode was slow and kind of boring. We'll keep watching and, hopefully, it will get much better!

I didnt really enjoy the premier either, I think it was very dark and dirty. Not really appeasing to the eyes to see this slow rolled out random episode. On the bright side i will give it a chance and hope for better.

Nope, not surprised one bit by the numbers

It wasn't a good episode. We'll watch it "it gets better".

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