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How Many Foreign Aid $$ Does Uganda Stand To Lose For Anti-Gay Laws?

What's the potential financial cost of homophobia in Uganda? How much does the nation stand to lose in foreign aid based on their anti-gay policies?

Uganda's already lost funds from Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, and Denmark and aid is currently under review in the European Union, the United States, Canada, and the UK. 

This chart from Global Post sums it up:

$1.6 Billion. Uganda's government spokesman Ofwono Opondo publicly told the West to keep their aid. We wonder if they can sustain a hit of this magnitude?

Guess we'll find out.


Well Churches do not pay tax, so Uganda should have some money stashed in the their Ivory towers. 

I'm thinking that they expect their friends from the Fundamentalist Christian Right to step in and make up for it - after all, they engineered it with their talk of how the sickness of homosexuality was being imported from the West in the first place.  Well, I guess we can spend our "diseased" money on other things, thanks very much.

Let's hope they bleed them dry!

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