How Is Michael Sam Holding Up At NFL Preseason Training?

The last we heard from Michael Sam he was celebrating being drafted by the St. Louis Rams with a kiss on his partner's lips, live on ESPN. What has Sam been up to since the biggest day of his life?

USA Today reports:

"He's learning his role here. We've got such a deep D-line, he's going to fight for his position," [defensive end Robert] Quinn said. "He gives it 110% while he's out here. He wants to learn his playbook, wants to help his team win.

"He's a football player here. That's all that really matters." […]

The Rams also brought Wade Davis, a former NFL player and executive director of the You Can Play Project advocacy group for gay and lesbian athletes, in shortly after the draft to talk with Rams players about having a gay teammate.

Sam said he appreciated the gesture, though he didn't think it was necessary.

"They respect me as a human being and as a football player," he said of his St. Louis teammates.

But before he gets too comfortable, Sam notes, he needs to stay on his toes. "I thought our defensive line at Mizzou was pretty tough. This is a whole new level. I've got to up my game."