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How To Talk To Your Kids About Michael Sam


Well said Philly

SIMPLE SOLUTION: Ban your kids from TV, and send them OUTSIDE to play instead. TV is all bad and negative. That's why it's called the BOOB TUBE. Kids watch too much TV. They don't need to even be aware of Michael Sam's inappropriate behavior on National TV. 

"Inappropriate behavior"??? He wept tears of joy on one of the happiest days of his life. He shared this experience with the man he loves, and gave him a kiss. Can't think of more normal and appropriate behvior than that.

And the only inappropriate behavior is your moronic response to the video.

Idiot. You can't even spell anonymous correctly.

I raised three kids during the Clinton blow job days when that was ALL they talked about for weeks! Try explaining that to kids. M.Sam is simple. Some guys like guys ... Period! Jeez! Even toyed with the idea of suing the horny old coots who were obviously getting off on it. Mr. Starr ring a bell? Probably off in the men's room jacking off. Perves! :) 

that was awesome.  And there you have it, folks, there just may be worse things than a gay football player.      sheesh.  bloody fools.

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