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HRC Applauds A&E's Handling Of 'Duck Dynasty' Situation

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This weekend we brought you GLAAD's response to A&E's decision to bring Phil Robertson back to Duck Dynasty following his homophobic and racist comments to GQ Magazine. (Spoiler: GLAAD wasn't happy.)

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has given their own reaction to A&E's decision and it actually may surprise you.

HRC Vice President Fred Sainz tells CNN: 

"It's not really a reversal [to reinstate Phil Robertson]. We think it's actually a positive outcome, and we want to thank A&E for their attentiveness and collaboration over the course of the last few weeks. We've received assurances also that the Robertson family is now open to working with African-American and (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people to address the real harm that such anti-gay and racist comments can cause. That's been our 'ask' since Phil's comments ran in GQ, and while it's a positive step, it certainly cannot and should not be the last one."

What's your take on that, Instincters?

Sirius XM radio host Michelangelo Signorile has already sounded off on the HRC's comments on Twitter, saying:

Do you agree with Mike or are you more in line with HRC?


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I look at it like this.

It's like when you are suspended from say school (from when I was in school) and they allow you to come back hoping that you've learned your lesson. I also think that this way A&E retains it's viewing public both glbt and breeders by showing it will not tolerate this type thing without reprecussions. I'm confident that should he do it again that there would be a stronger action taken.

Just my opinion as usual it's ok to disagree with me.

Im sorry that A&E put money and rating before there standards. It time that all these groups stop speaking for all gay people because no one asked me how i felt so please stop telling people they can hate me and its ok because its not ok and this just has to stop HRC and any other groups that try to stand up for ask me i mite tell you to kiss my ass im gay and im proud and dont approve of people that think they are better then me can say and hurt me and get away with it because they have money they put there pants on the same way i do one leg at a time.

Okay, now its time for the gay man to be politically incorrect or just flat out rude!! As a gay black man, why don't you just piss on me?! I could care less and quite frankly am insulted that this racist asshole, not only gets to stay on television, but is "willing" to work with the African-American and LGBT community!! WTF, is that all about? Are you kidding me....yet again, we must turn the other cheek, while getting screwed over and disrespected time and time again!! I don't condone violence, but right now I could really appreciate the Angela Davis and Black Panther Party from the 60's! When the African-American and LGBT Community....takes up the stance "by any means necessary"....this same crap is going to keep happening!! The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is not helping the situation either!! In order to get your name in the paper or at least get a chance to sit at the "big kids table", you must sell your soul, along with millions of other people....who did not ask you to speak for them!! This country was built on physical conflict....only when we take the war to them....shall things begin to change!!  Its not funny or fun, when the kid or community you have bullied, has begun to fight back!! For every time you say the word "faggot", we should knock out a tooth....I think you get the point!! You see my friends, when disrespecting minorities becomes more damaging to the violator, instead of the violated......I guarantee the media outlets and television networks, who profit from ratings, during this controversy....will actually take the correct stance and "True" Human Rights Campaign, can actually begin!! I am a proud gay man, but in NO shape or form, am I a weakling!! At the end of the day...I am a MAN!! I have never seen the show and quite frankly, wont be tuning into that Network either!! Best wishes to you all!!

They are trying to put lipstick on a pig.

Given that the Duck heads are the top rated show on cable, there was NO way A&E would ever take meaningful action against this bigoted family. Moreover, the retarded right has learned to use the internet and social media to their advantage: my facebook wall was absolutely flooded by 'I stand with Phil' posts, and I had little luck getting anyone to understand that the Bill of Rights doesn't mean you are entitled to a talk show, and even less luck getting them to see that Phil is an outright racist of the stripe that was once shunned on TV and in polite society.

The cult that the Robertsons have built around themselves is a powerful one, and it won't be brought down from the outside. We have little option but to watch and wait, and hope that next time round Phil doesn't preface his racism with the sort of homophobia that makes hate such a growth industry.

I'm with Mike Signorile on this one. If memory serves me, and it does, HRC tried to negotiate with Chick-fil-A and they made the HRC look foolish. Personally, I'm through with this issue, Instinct, so let's move on to something else.

Exactly why I am no longer a "dues paying member" of HRC. Give us your crumbs, you keep the cake. #gross #SelfLoathing

Listen, there was back pedaling to be made on both parts.  Let's face it.. The gays are not watching the Duck so it's not hurting their viewership.  The family made statements and revamped them.  A&E made statements and revamped them.  It a huge show so this was not going to last but the best thing A&E could do was something.  It brought attention that if you are a popular show with the gays, we will shut you down but here there is none. A&E could have just ignored the whole thing but they didn't. We should all be thankful of that. 

Business is business. Who cares for the gays and lesbians when there is huge doe to be made on the reinstatement of a bigot to the program which is hugely popular among the bigots not only in the USA but all over the world. It is my understanding that the very first episode of The Duck Dynasty, after the suspension of Phil was over, will have Nielsen ratings go through the roof. Most American bigots will watch it and applaud A&E decision. 

As for me? I never watched this series and never will. Watching primitive swamp people with their IQs so low that Forrest Gump looks like Albert Einstein next to them, would be an insult to me. 

I let A & E know what I think with the following email to


I no longer want to support ( pay for) any of your programming.  You took a stand for something, divided houses - and then backed down from your stand.  I defended your first move - and am appalled by your cowardice to not stand behind your original decision.

I realize you are a business, and must do what you think will make you the most money.  Your short sightedness will end up costing you more in the long run.  Learning about Phil’s  interview in GQ reminded me of a very dark time in my personal life.  Once again, in my 40’s I was forced to relive my difficult adolescence.

Please know - I no longer care what you broadcast… because I’ll never watch your network again.  This is the reason I no longer want to send Brighthouse Cable any money that can be used to fund your programming.  Please tell me how this financial agreement can be corrected.  I only hope that your support of this ignorant man and his hateful misguided interpretations of scripture does not lead to more teenage suicides. All it will take is one single suicide note that includes the words “that guy from Duck Dynasty caused this”  - and the real demons from hell will be sure to pay a visit to your bottom line…..

While I agree that punishment is not the answer to this, I don't think his reinstatement was done in good faith.  Understanding and learning is the key to eliminating bigotry. From all accounts of this show (all of which are secondhand), not much learning occurs.  There is espousing of Christian truths and a rigid belief system that extends to racism and homophobia.  Nothing will change and the show must go on....not for the right reasons, but for reasons purely based on marketing. 

The network has agreed to edit out the blatantly hateful moments, but no one is changing viewpoints.  These quacks are still an American embarrassment much like Jersey Shore was.  People love it and eat it up but this is not progress.  It is very much capitalist greed winning out over humanity.  Godspeed.  uggh.

Answering hate with hate doesn't solve anything. Both sides have to start somewhere. While I may not like what Phil said I am pleased to see this response from the HRC! 

Well said.

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