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HS Football Coach Taught Team to Taunt Opposing Player With Gay Moms

A varsity football coach in Maine has now resigned after word got out that he instructed his team to taunt an opposing player who had gay moms.

Per the Press Herald, The parents, Lynn and Stephanie Eckersley-Ray, say Gray-New Gloucester coach Duane Greaton told his players to taunt their son every time he was tackled during a game last Friday by saying, “Who’s your daddy?

The couple then sent a letter to the superintendent of SAD 15 asking for a meeting to discuss the matter.

He no longer works for SAD 15,” was all that Superintendent Craig King would say Thursday evening when asked if Greaton had resigned. King said Greaton’s last day of work in the district was Monday.

“MSAD 15 takes concerns about the safety and security of students very seriously and does not tolerate threatening or discriminating behavior,” King said in an email that he issued Thursday to WMTW.

This same guy has a criminal record as well, as he was accused of stealing milk and ice cream products at a company he worked for.  Class act. 

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