Hugh Jackman Has An Interesting Way Of Promoting Greatest Showman...


The Greatest Showman is now available to watch online, and the relentlessly sexy and adorable star Hugh Jackman is pimping his goods in the most hilarious way possible! Jackman stars alongside former Disney star Zac Efron in the musical loosely based on the origins of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. The two hererosexual actors sing and dance their way through songs that will be on every gay boy's audition reel at some point in his life, and now you can practice them from the comfort of your own living room thanks to the streaming debut of the movie. 

Jackman is nothing if not a showman himself, and in generating buzz for the flick, briefly does his best Zac Efron on Instagram, later stating:

Everyone who comes up to me goes 'Do you know Zac Efron?' so I'm just gonna be Zac. I'm Zac Efron.



These are the side effects of hunger, jet lag, no plan and none of us (ever) looking as good as @zacefron. That said, get ready to download the @greatestshowman digitally starting at midnight tonight. @pasekandpaul @zendaya @kealasettle @visualprostitute #thisisthegreatestshow #thisisme #neverenough #fromnowon #comealive PART 1.

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I'll call you anything you want Hugh! Of all the people in the entertainment biz, Hugh seems to be one of the most down to Earth, and is genuinely appreciative of his success - without feeling the need for bombastic diva moments. Could you imagine if you asked Christian Bale about his The Big Short costar Ryan Gosling? Bale would rip off your face Florida-man-on-bath-salts-style.

If I saw Hugh in person I would forget all about Zac Whatshisname and simply ask him to be my daddy until the end of time, but thankfully others don't feel the same, because now we have this adorbs clip that shows off everything that makes Jackman such a cutie!