Hugh Jackman Negotiated With Paparazzi For Shirtless Pics!

Well if I had known it was this easy! The Greatest Showman hunk Hugh Jackman chats it up with Ellen on Monday's episode of everyone's favorite show that airs at 3:00 P.M., and thanks to this sneak peek, we now know how the paps get their steamy Jackman beach pics! Ellen is deadly thirsty for every guest she's ever had on her show for some reason, and starts off the interview by complimenting Jackman's ageless bod as his recent sure-to-be-infamous Down Under beach pics appear on the screen behind them.

Hugh shows a modesty that even most unattractive people will never know while sheepishly accepting Ellen's shameless objectification. But the scoopiest of scoops happens when Jackman spills the deets on just how he interacts with the paparazzi! While stateside, celebrities are hunted down Most Dangerous Game style on the streets of West Hollywood, in Australia they name their terms! 

I have a thing with the paparazzi. It's Weird. Down in Australia they'll come to me, and they all know me at this point, and I say 'Okay, what do you need guys?" One of the main guys, Shane, goes 'We need you with your shirt off.' And I go 'Tomorrow morning 8 o'clock.' So they all turn up. It's embarrassing. There's like 30 of them. And they leave me alone [the rest of the time]!

I have to say, my heart and my no-no went out to Hugh's Greatest Showman co-star Zac Efron during the duo's Instinct Who'd You Rather, but after being reminded of how cute and down-to-Earth Jackman really is, I might just need to change my mind. Of course this evening I'm also walking away with a new appreciation for paparazzi culture in Australia. Just a lot of love for Aussies all around right now!

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