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Hugh Jackman Shaves His Head For Blackbeard Role In 'Pan'

​​Hugh Jackman has shaved his lustrous head of hair for his role as "Blackbeard" in the upcoming Pan a re-telling of the Peter Pan story from the pirate's point-of-view. (Think Maleficent with less cheek-bone action.)

He writes: "Blackbeard is born. #PAN"

We're admittedly in mourning, but hair grows back, right?


Te amo mas allá de todo.......<3

You know it's not the first time he shaves his head for a role. He was seen bald in The Fountain (2006).

Blackbeard, huh? Sounds like a fun change of pace for him. He can pirate me away, anytime!

I'm ready in his fan... I was sold on Kate and Leopold ugh love that movie and Les Miesbles it was awesome...

HUGH will simply rock the role as always!! Whether a WOLVERINE or a BLACKBEARD, this man can really not go wrong...and as far as his looks are concerned...It's always going to be smouldering HAAWWWTT!!! 

Oh my crush...gone bald..didn't make a difference at all. You still are my idol :-)

He can do no wrong. Bald, skinny, buff or just simply Hugh he is amazing. Love ya. Xxxxxxx

Uh, ok, the beard is FOR A ROLE. Read, people!!!!

He needs to shave the beard and mustache cuz he doesn't look hot with the baldness

He's a hot man...but not bald with a mustache and beard:)

There's nothing this cat can't do! He's gonna crush being Blackbeard

Still roguishly handsome but better with hair. It will grow back beautifully!

Normally think you're sooooo good looking.  Can't wait till some of your hair grows back.  Don't likely the look at all.  Perhaps the picture was taken at a bad angle.  You've got to have a perfectly shaped head to pull that one off.  First pic however you look sooo hot.  That's the look that'll set all of the ladies hearts on fire................among other things.  Lol. 

Sry fox's but its not a real bold as you can see on the top.

Wouldn't matter-- he is amazingly handsome either way-- like Angelina Jolie- ANYTHING and they would both still be AMAZING!

Oh my goodness those eyes! Goes so very nicely with the face hair, too. I love you Hugh! Hair. No hair. You are beautiful. 

he has sooooo many good qualities to him... such a HOT MAN...although i don't care for this new look i am sure he can ROCK IT cause he is a BEAUTYFUL MAN 

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