Human Ken Doll Says Like 'Caitlyn,' He'll Have A 'Sex Change' When He's Older

Photo: Instagram

"Human Ken Doll" Rodrigo Alves, who has had sixty cosmetic surgery procedures, admitted that he has difficulty breathing, earlier this year.

Which led him to recently state that he'd be laying off the surgeries to focus on a change in lifestyle.

But that doesn't mean he has ruled out the possibility of having more procedures later in his life. 

On the contrary, Alves is now saying that when he's older, he plans to have a gender reassignment procedure.

He tells the Mail Online:

"I am very happy to be a man for now but I don't want to an old saggy man. 

"I will do what Caitlyn Jenner did. When I reach my late 50s, I would rather be a sexy old lady then a saggy old man."

He added:

"Being a live human Ken Doll has never been easy. It takes constant maintenance. Bits fall off and need repairing now and again.

"I am 34 years old now and I have had two hair implants and I'm due to have another one in few weeks, simply because I was not born this way. I made my self this way with nearly 60 plastic surgeries and more the 100 aesthetic procedures."

Previously, Alves told the publication:

"One day when I get older I may have a sex change and became a Barbie!"

H/T: Gay Star News



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