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Hump Day Hunk: Ryan Phillippe Shows That He's Still Got It Shirtless On The Beach

Ryan Phillippe has been awakening homosexuals since the '90s (as I raise my hand in example). His recent visit to Miami Beach shows that his ability has no intention of slowing down. The 39-year-old star reveals that he hasn't lost an iota of his sex appeal while strutting the beach with his girlfriend.

Check out a few more images below, and remember to thank Ryan Phillippe for helping make the world a gayer place. Happy Hump Day!

Oh, and this tweet that Ryan himself retweeted kinda sums it all up:


He has still got it going on strong...

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He's still got it, but he's ruined it with that effing ink.

Exactly! I'll never understand why guys with hot bodies mar them with body tattoos. Shame !

Ain't no way I would pass that up, and if any of you say otherwise, you are lying!

Happy Hump Day Indeed!!!!  I know I missed it

My idol number 1

Old, fat thang. He certainly is no longer that purdy boi from Studio 54 from 15 years back.

All right -- Ed referred to the "tiny little bit of a belly", but I'm gonna have to disagree on that -- the man CLEARLY has a solidly-defined Adonis' belt, and I'll take that over utterly corrugated abs every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Hunty, don't be a jealous troll.

I really have to say you are one bitter ****.  He has the tiny little beginnings of a belly at age 39 and his muscles are still rippling.  So, really? - "Old,fat thang"?  Get a grip.  This is guy is still crazy hot! 

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Ed, you really shouldn't entertain the likes of ANYONE who posts as "Anonymous". For they are the social inept creatures who know of their irrelevance. To the point that they're smart enough to hide behind "Anonymous", but dumb enough to waste their time posting hatred that they're too cowardly to back up with their name.

With that being said, I agree with you 100% about "Anonymous" and Ryan Phillippe.

I find him quite technically acceptable.

I remember him as the gay teen in one life to live

I was thinking the same thing remeber when the AIDS memorial  Quilt came to Landview  it was filmed in NJ in summer of 1992 

That makes no sense.

He looked without any tatoo better :S I would have it as my College's boyfriend for descover the beautiful of sexuality with him in 1998.

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