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Hump Day Hunk: "Something Doesn't Feel Right" GIF Gallery

The Oscars Academy is not alone. We too love heartrending stories about struggles against restriction that result in happy endings. Which is exactly why (there's no other reason at all, why do you ask?) that we've warmed up to the star of this GIF series who overcomes burdens to come out the other end a better, freer man.

Kind of like Forrest Gump, right? 

Behold the journey that's taking the Internet by storm in "Something Doesn't Feel Right":

(Via Tumblr; h/t: Boy Culture)




Do you live in a small town or something? I'm from Charlotte and there are plenty of gay men that look like this here. 

It looks more like a faux finish to me. Maybe cheese cloth? I don't see any repeating patterns. 

So I did some Google image searching and this is from a preview clip on YouTube for a muscle worship site.

All is better now, thank you.

When he loses the pants too, let me know....

I can't help but stare at the ugly wallpaper. Couldn't he rip it off while he was at it?

That's a terrible pain effect. Which means that someone deliberately made the walls that way... If it were wallpaper as least there is a chance they didn't re walks what it would look like when hung.

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Yikes. Now that you mention it, the wallpaper is quite distracting.

AGREED! Granny wallpaper!

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