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'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay' Releases First Teaser

​The Hunger Games: Mockingjay just completed shooting and Part 1 of the two-parter won't make its way to screens until November, but thankfully we've got chilling teasers like the one released today to whet our appetites!

Check out President Snow's address to Panem (with an assist from a certain fan-favorite Hunger Games victor!):

Also someone give the marketing team a raise because they've also released posters highlighting Panem's Districts and one happens to feature Instinct fave Alex Minsky! You know how to get our butts in to the seats!

Check out more teaser posters over at Entertainment Weekly!


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That nub of a leg is REPULSIVE!

How can he live with himself like this?

It is you Kevdobbins that is REPULSIVE! I wonder how you were raised by your parents to say such bull____!!

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These posters came from the website. How did it become fan made?

The posters were actually fan made, not marketing related.

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