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Hunks Give Us '25 Reasons To Celebrate White Party Palm Springs'

​Jeffrey Sanker's giving you "25 Reasons To Celebrate White Party Palm Springs" (all conveniently numbered, of course) leading up to the 25th Anniversary of the epic White Party in the desert! 

Check out this California Boys tribute to Cyndi Lauper and let us know which "reason" will get you to Palm Springs!


Any reasons? All the reasons. We're suddenly very inspired to celebrate.

Which number is your favorite, Instincters?


12, mainly bc I recognize him from AC videos 

but I enjoyed the song more 

whsts the point of appearing butch and mainly or attempting to 

then prance around like a flaming homo 

i like a little lightness or fem in a man 

but not when they dance like a girl 

nice i  like

number 2 all the way

Who gives a shite if there are no Asians. Do you want to fuck an Asian? I don't.

Really? What is this 1984? 

Don't be an asshole, Cyndi Lauper is awesome!

Where are the Asians?

There are two Asian guys are two black guys.  I mean, you all will find something to bitch about no matter what.  The video is for fun, quit being stupid.

I want # 16:)

VERY bitter and self-pity and hate.

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It's pathetic how in 2014, Jeffrey Sanker allows such tokenism, and shoving the Black guy in the back. And is there even ONE Asian in this pic?

So what's to celebrate? Loud music and circuit party drug use to drown out that fact that we are nowhere near as put together as we pretend to be? Gay BOYS (not men) spending all their time in the gym as a means to run from this SAD TRUTH? If that's what you want to celebrate, then enjoy the illusion while it last.

Just make sure you put some money aside for the Rentboy hookers you'll be buying later when you've age beyond what gyms, Botox, and plastic surgeons fake the appearance of.

Bitter table of 1, (yes, I am confident you are alone), your table is ready!

Someone's bitter...

I know Reason 17.

#1, #3 & #13.  Especially #13.  Call me. ;0)

There's 18... 01... 16... 24... alright, all of them. How I wish I could fly there.

I Love #15 and #16...

I LOVE that song!  Does that mean that Cyndi is performing at Tea Dance?  I hope so!

Oh and I love #1 and #21 b/c those boys have the moves!

UMM..all the guys are pretty damn hot in this video and it is super fun. BUT!!  Who in the hell is #15 and #16.  Never seen them around and I live in LA.  Anyone?  HOT HOT HOT

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