Hunky British Rugby Players Strip Off Their Kit To Raise Awareness For Testicular Cancer

It's the time of year when handsome athletes from around the globe strip off their uniforms for a noble cause. 

We recently told you about the Warwick Rowers' new 2018 calendar, which aids the University team in their mission to challenge masculine stereotypes, and help make sports more inclusive for everyone. 

And now, players from six UK rugby teams are stripping down to help raise awareness for testicular cancer.

From The Naked Rugby Players' website (NSFW):

The Naked Rugby Players 2018 are made up of six inclusive clubs from across the UK. Each team kindly offered up their time and spaces (as well as stripping) to help raise money for their own clubs and the Balls To Cancer charity.

The calendar features players from the Manchester Village Spartans, the Swansea Vikings, the Newcastle Ravens, the Kings Cross Steelers,  the Caledonian Thebans, and the Northampton Outlaws.

Speaking of the project, photographer Monty McKinnen said:

“I have so much admiration for these guys who bared all for charity. 200,000 men are diagnosed with cancer every year. 80,000 of those will die from their cancer. It’s time we got to grips and get a hand on the situation. I hope this calendar empowers guys to check their packages more often and to feel comfortable talking about male cancers.”

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