Hunky George Basil Goes Full-Frontal In HBO's 'Crashing'

We admittedly weren't familiar with HBO's new comedy Crashing, but we'll certainly be crashing into the next episode (maybe even repeatedly) now that we know that hotties like actor George Basil are going full-frontal nude in the series!! 

Take a NSFW look!!!

According to Variety, Crashing centers around comedian Pete Holmes, who also writes the pilot episode. Holmes plays a version of himself and the series is inspired by Holmes' own experience with divorce. 

The word “Crashing” itself has several meanings: Sometimes — well, often — his on-stage routines bomb; it’s not uncommon for Pete and his fellow aspiring comics to crash ego-first into a wall of audience indifference. But the word also refers to the weeks Pete spends couch-surfing across New York after he is dumped by his wife in the pilot’s opening minutes.