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Hunky Henry Cavill Takes Ice Bucket Challenge In Superman Costume!

If we can't watch Henry Cavill take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge while shirtless, we'll "settle" for the next best thing: Henry Cavill taking the Ice Bucket Challenge decked out in his tight Superman gear. 

We think our girl Amy Adams was in this video too, but we can't be sure; there was some seriously distracting bulge going on!


First off Henry has nothing to be ashamed about bulge or otherwise. He's a super man. :)

Secondly they had padded Christopher Reeves suit as well.

I suspect all that padding is waterproof.  That great bulge has more upholstery material than my mattress.

it's not real bulge!

Don't hate just because you were born with a little one! 

I don't hate. I love my little dick.  I am not ashamed of it.  Just stop pretending.

Oh Roberta Fr, quit being a debbie downer....

More footage of the hunks pouring the water!

Hey paul stupid fuck. Who didn't like the first superman.Christopher reeves bitch

PS A welcome respite from making what is sure to be a movie as shit as the first one. 

They day I stop checking out guys packages that are stuck right in front of my face is the day I consider myself to be over the hill. 

It is what it is. While he is a nice looking escapee from Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, Henry looks like he would be as warm a human being as that water . . . .

read this story before you pass judgement on someone you dont even know. be a little kinder. 

I'm immature...

It's filmed in Detriot. chill. 

Are they filming the movie in California??  I hope not because we have a serious drought going on here and that was a lot of H2O!  

Oh calm the fuck down queen. That much water wouldn't even feed a tomato plant for more than a day

Not as immature as thinking you are more "grown up" and NEVER look at a mans nicely packed bulge. 

oh please, why all the obsession about seeing his bulge?  immature on YOUR part.

Especially since it was obviously stuffed.

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