Hunky Openly-Gay 78-Year Old Bodybuilder Jim Morris Starts Modeling Again

Jim Morris retired from bodybuilding in 1985 when he decided to become vegetarian, a troublesome prospect for competitive bodybuilders at the time. Now, nearly three decades later and fully vegan, the 78-year old openly-gay phenom is returning to the public eye, looking sexier and more confident than ever. PETA gave the sexy senior his comeback opportunity, and Jim, having accepted the offer graciously when he was still 77, now appears in a new ad for the organization. 

"Muscle your way to better health: go vegan," says Jim in the new ad, which he mimics the iconic pose shared by the Thinker sculpture. 

With the modeling gig, Jim has become PETA's oldest model yet. Looking great, Jim!

(Via HuffPo)