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Hunky Philly Meteorologist Comes Out As Gay Via Adorable Facebook Baby Announcement!

It was an emotional roller coaster today for fans of popular Philly meteorologist Adam Joseph. The local TV star came out as gay, coupled and a new father all in one Facebook announcement revealing his beautiful family to the world:

Not yet a charter member of Adam's fanclub? Check out more pics of the hot gay weathercaster and you'll be hoping for a cold front to help cool down:

(h/t: BoyCulture, PhillyMag)


Love the fact there are great people to give children a safe home. The fact that Adams partner is another guy is no ones business but his. I find Adam dreamy and wish them well

best wishes. enzo from ialy

@ the Destroyer. YOU and your comments makes us sick. GO climb back into the hole you climbed out of you f@#$% parktown prawn.

He is gay, so what? its not as if any of you guys pay his bills or his salary. The only thing we should be worried about here is: is he happy or not, and celebrate his happiness. the time for people to worry about what other people think about them is over. there is more important things to worry about than someone's sexuality. There are people dying every day and we worry about the hot guy being gay? really? why is it that straight men find it repulsive when a guy is gay, yet when 2 sexy ladies are gay they find that a turn one. isnt that sickening?

TO Phil and his partner, Congrats on the arrival of your little one. You guys will be great parents and role models to him.

Wow!!! The ignorance on here is so very real its pathetuc the person who said the gays are coming out like cockroaches you call urself the destroyer lol...that is one of the most close minded remarks I've ever heard if you are so prejudice against Gays and them " coming out of the closet" than carry on about your day and keep scrolling no need for you to stop and spread your stupidity around.... And No I Am Not Gay But I Have Family And Friends Who Are...its not an epidemic its who they are its not a disease or sickness or anything contagious it's just who they are they were born that way just like from the sound of it you were born ignorant.... And the woman that said something about how its to bad that the child will never know the mother's know I'm not saying that the mother is a bad mother and maybe it was Ber decision to not be around but to help another couple have a child gay or straight.... I see and hear news everyday about parents who have brutally murdered their poor children and its horrible what those poor children go through for years months or a moment these children have taken away from them the sense if security that only parents can give by the parents they were given and its sad it truly is cause there are countless ppl out there gay or straight that would love to give these children safe homes where they are to feel loved. It is truly sad the way the world we live in sees thinks, its sad how quickly we have words like " The Destroyer" did to knock someone down because their beliefs and way of living is different although how the other person (weatherman) lives in no way effects or touches his life...None Of Us Are Perfect But Yet We Judge Others Like We Sure The Hell Are Perfect, I know I ain't.... God Bless The Family And Their Newborn Baby I pray for them a blessed life and I hope that them having to deal with ignorance and stupidity will be minimal.... And To The Weatherman You Are Gorgeous And If You Weren't Gay Dang Lol! Bless You In Ur Lives And If You Have Something To Say About Someone You Know Nothing About Maybe You'll Keep Your Mouth Closed And Spare Others The Very Real Possibility That You May Speak Words Far Beyond The Stupid Mark

Of Course His Fine Self Is Gay The Gorgeous Always Are Dangit...Oh Well...He Is Still nice To look at!!;)




Damn I'm still waiting for those Damn Unicorns bro! I bought a new saddle and all! Way to destroy that prediction! Ah I get it THE DESTROYER! You destroy my dream of unicorns!

Ok hi every one I'm sorry I'm only talking to" the destroyer" ok listen here you fucktart I dare you say on more thing I will come to you and fuck you up ok your one of those people that have mommy issues grow up ok sorry that some people find love and you know what at least he and his bf or husband are making a difference in the word by adopting that baby ok and he or she will grow up happy and I'm so sick of people like you ..focus on what's wrong with you and get help your like a fly always looking for shit so I dare you go on I'm not afraid of you I will put you in ICU or in your grave I will fuck you up I'm sick sick sick sick sick of your shit !!and to the rest of the people who are not guilty sorry for the language...**

Isn't it about time for You to come out? You obviously spend a lot of your time thinking, reading and commenting about it.

Did you never hear the comment of " If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."  

That poor child. 

I think you have a problem.

I'm not the one that has a problem... that poor little baby is the one that has a problem. 

As to who has the problem my friend... that would be relative.

We wish you and your family all of the best. You represent us well. Continued success and happiness.

The baby is absolutely precious and what a handsome family you three make.  Blessings, Good Health, Happiness & Success to you, Karl & Baby.  I must admit, I don't watch Action News much anymore but if I see you or Jamie Apode are on, I always stay tuned; you are great at what you do and we'd all love to see you more often...  

God love and bless you , Karl & Jacob !

Congratulations Adam and Karl !! The baby is beautiful and I know you'll both make great parents!

Haters gonna hate---sad but true!!! 

Best of luck Adam, Karl & baby Jacob!!! Wishing you all a happy life!!!!

I have known for a long time that Adam is gay.  I am so happy for him and his partner.  They will make wonderful parents.  That is one lucky little boy.

NOT news. Feel free to catch up with on another other subject now.

Princess Bitter speaks!!

Only the blind, deaf, and dumb in the Philly market didn't know this.... in other words, most of the Philly sports fans who throw snowballs at Santa Claus at an Eagles football game! ;-) 

Well done we are also in the process of having our own baby congratulations

Reuben and Anton from South Africa

Is so sad to read all these comments when mist people have no idea about the gay lifestyle . Maybe your comments should be voiced when you have  little more insight ! 

What's your point? They are the 5th gay couple that are public figures to have welcomed a happy new baby into their lives. It's always exciting to hear when a couple that's really tried to have a newborn in their life finally do.

God bless them.Gay/straight..makes no matter to me. He's young,in love and a father...there's nothing better in life! I Love Adam Joseph as I love the entire Action News team. I've grown up with I grow old watching them. A huge part of my life!

Congrats to the both of you enjoy and love your wonderful baby best wishes

I don't care what the media says but damn, he's hot! Licky the man he lives with! :D good for them if they having a baby <3

Does it really matter that he's gay?? He and his partner just celebrated having their first congratulations to you both...and Anonymous..if you're going to make comments like that..i suggest you check your neck in the mirror..redneck or not..something tells me you have too much interest in their lifestyle..which means you are curious...:)

Why does everyone use the word "Gay"? ..... he is a Queer

I'm guessing you are a very uneducated pre puberty teen because any normal educated person over the age of 18 would know that gay is not a bad thing, its fucking awesome!!!

lol, you're anonymous.
Wonder why?

How rude and ignorant of you.  Sounds like you have a bigoted. closed mind and its a shame you will never fully understand and enjoy humanity.  People are people. No color, religion, sexuality or hair style defines us.  We are of one world and we need to see each other as brothers/sisters and stop looking for reasons to hate.  Love you all my friends.

Actually he is a Homosexual just like me.

Yeah, maybe 50 years ago he would have been called that.  If you prefer a pejorative (look it up, I'm sure you have no idea what that means), go for it.  I'm just glad I don't live in that little brain of yours that sees people in negative terms.  Have fun if you can.

He announced years ago. ..this is nothing new. It shouldn't matter. It's fabulous and wonderful that they had a beautiful healthy baby boy.

i though hought that was a picture of cecily tynans brother not adam holding the baby i could be wrong but let the story be told correctly, adam is a great weatherman who cares about personal life


I do not care if he is gay or strait as long as he is happy and treats others with compassion and kindness.  My best to you and your partner and have a happy life with your little bundle of joy.

Dear Every-Single-Media-Outlet-From-Now-On:

It is redundant to headline an article with the words "comes out as gay." This is a matter of sexuality, not a matter of jucy-gossip-mentality. Please adjust your thinking accordingly.

Er, juicy. Don't no haters spell-check me.


It was obvious that Adam is a gay man . And should it really matter ... No! He is a great person. He loves his job and he does it well . He is now gonna be a great father ,too !! Congrats to him and his partner ! 

Adam is a really terrific guy off camera too! It was amazing seeing the news on TV last night (10 PM newscast) and the other newscasters were gushing at the news and showing such love and support for the new family. Then we watched the 11 PM newscast, and low and behold, the OLD FART Jim Gardner wouldn't ruin HIS SHOW with any of this happy news. Time for the old white dudes to retire and the younger guys and gals take over the news and show true professionalism. For the record, I'm an old white guy too (not that old, I'm over 50 and under 60). 

Actually the 11pm news on Tuesday night made the announcement first. And Jim Gardner was the one who made it and was genuinely happy. So before you hate check your facts


The child will be known as the boy/girl with two Dads. That can be really cool or cruel depending on how he/she handles the immature questions and jokes. A  kid Chad I went to HS with, very cool, athletic, smart, attractive guy.....his nickname was "two Dad Chad."

 He took the lame "jokes" in stride and in a way joked about his own situation along with others. To this day I'm 28, he still jokes around the same way. 

In HS the jokes will come and (even mean ones) It's just a matter of how the child chooses to handle them. The man I know today "two Dad Chad" is the most successful one out of our large 20 group of friends. He's the head regional sales manager at Medtronic a huge medical device company. Highly competitive field and I'd like to think what he went through helped him get to where he is today, and deep down I do believe that to be true. 

Hopefully, this younger generation, who has grown up with much more images of same sex couples will learn to accept and it should be a non-issue by the time Jacob is in high school (unless they move to Texas, of course). 

I agree Steve. That kind of bullying and hate is learned behavior. Surely younger people today don't even give it a second thought.

What a gorgeous baby!!!  Congratulations---and he won't be mellow for long once he learns how to use those lungs!   LOL.  Enjoy.   :)

Gayle-Aug 6

I am so happy for Adam and Karl.  Their love for baby Jacob is so clearly evident.   These pictures made my day !!!

People are people so why should it be.....Why can't we just accept that this beautiful child has come into a loving environment?

This child will be loved, period.  Isn't that what matters?

What a happy occasion for his partner and him. Congratulations to you both on this very happy occasion. I wish the 3 of you the best in your new adventure together. May it be filled with joy, happiness, and love. Congratulations again!!

Who cares if he's gay. I'm happy for him and his partner on this blessed event.

Congratulations.  The next 18 years will fly by.  Trust me, everyone says that and it is absolutely true. Cherish every moment!

Congratulations on the birth of your son. May you and Karl always cherish this beautiful gift. 

Mazel Tov to both the parents and the gorgeous baby. May you always be as happy and healthy as you are today.

Who cares if he's gay or not!!! There's a lot of ignorance on here on bashing ppl cause of their sexual preference. As long as he's happy that's all that truly matters. Congrats to Adam and his partner on their handsome baby boy.

This is about an adorable baby and a blessed event. Gay has nothing to do with it. I am happy for the two of them.

Who cares if he's gay or not!!! There's a lot of ignorance on here on bashing ppl cause of their sexual preference. As long as he's happy that's all that truly matters. Congrats to Adam and his partner on their handsome baby boy

Who cares gay or not wish I had come out years ago then I wouldn't be looking for someone now. Congrats Adam!

Who cares whether he is gay or not. Congrats Adam I wish I had done that years ago. Now I'm looking for a partner.

Congrats on a BEAUTIFUL baby Adam and Karl!!!!!!  You both will be great parents!!  Do NOT listen to any of the negative posts, Just love life and family!!!!!

Maybe all of the. Can hook up w jerry pennicoli,sad the baby can't experience a Mother,s love also.

Yeah sorry Eliza, what world do you live in? The one I live in has TONS of children who do not experience a mother's love for a multitude of reasons. A gay couple has to very intentionally work to become parents so I would just guess that being parents is something that they really want and will give this baby unconditional love. I don't think all newborns enter the world into such loving arms. 

Who says the mother isn't involved in some way with the child.

It's not sad whatsoever. Baby Jacob is going to grow up and have wonderful parents that will give him the unconditional love that every child deserves. Congrats Adam and Karl!!! He is absolutely beautiful!! 

So sad your so ignorant. Plenty of children have Shitty mothers. 

Your ignorant...

If you want to use the name "Spellcheck" maybe you should at least do just that in your two word sentence. 

@Eliza Miller so sad your views are so narrow.  There are plenty of children who's mother's die and these children are raised by their fathers.  Get a clue!  

You are disgusting. Your comment is offensive. As a mother I wish no one to ever talk like you. You make me sick.

He did NOT "come out" with that post. It was a well known fact.
At least get your facts straight!!

It wasn't a well known fact. Lots of speculation, but that doesn't make it fact! Maybe if you personally knew him, it was well known to you. The rest of us...speculation. Get YOUR facts straight. 

Ugh, why do your facts have to be straight? So close minded. You facts can be gay. Those facts tend to be FABULOUS!

That is awesome..Another gay meterologist..I watched the most famous one,Sam Champion,in New York for years

 One of our young meteorologists are gay as well in Louisville ky 

You do have one hell of a body...lucky wishes to your new lil family! I will still watch you , your the best weatherman ever

Congrats to you & Karl. Becoming a parent will totally change your life. My partner & I adopted our daughter almost 4 years ago. We were blessed to be there in birth & delivery. Everyday just gets better & better. Amazing feeling!!!! I'm so happy for the two of you.  :-)

Get your facts straight!!! He did NOT "come out" with that post. It was already a well known fact. Print the truth

I dont think he personally ever officially 'announced' it but he wasnt really hiding it either.

Personnaly I don't care if he is straight or gay....he found true love!   I didn't know he was gay but so what?   That adorable baby will have loving nurturing parents!  Isn't that what matters?   

So irritated that the birth of this beautiful baby is being overridden by Adam's sexuality!! Thats his business and frankly it doesnt matter! He is awesome, love him on TV and we are lucky to have him!

Congrats on the 3 of you .as long as you r a loving human being doesn't you.

I wish nothing but the best for you and your Family. It can't get any better than this. CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of you.

Congratulations Adam, I wish you 3 the best. :) 

Congratulations to you Adam and your family

Congrats!!!!!!!   We love you here in Philly Adam!  Congrats to your family!

Congratulations!!!! :)

If you are from Philly, you already knew this.. It wasnt a secret.. I had the pleasure of meeting Adam a while back and spent the afternoon with him down the shore, he is a down to earth everyday guy. Super friendly and lots of fun.. His sexual preference is his business.. He was awesome with the kids on the beach so I'm betting he's going to make a great dad!! 

Sexual preference is what you like to do, which is something nobody wants to know about anybody.  The term you're looking for is sexual orientation, which is who you're hardwired to do it with.  Sexual orientation isn't private information.  If it was, there'd be no such things as weddings and pictures of your spouse on your desk at work.

Being gay is nothing to be ashamed of, but thinking other people should be ashamed of it is something to be ashamed of.

Supporting your friends by saying that the shameful thing they are is none of anybody's business is bizarre.  Be a real friend and get over your hang-ups about homosexuality.

This is a horribly negative post. I hope you feel better about yourself for playing on the semantics of the words "preference" and "orientation" -- you obviously knew what the poster meant. So congratulations, you know the English language! Hope you feel good about yourself.

Congrats Adam and Karl. We love Adam as our Philly weatherman.

Congrats. go out to Adam and Karl on your new Family.Way to Go.

you dont need a weather man to know which weather man blows... Bob Dylan

Awww! Congratulations to the new family!!!

As someone who studied meteorology in college and graduate school, I can confirm that the majority of male meteorologists are gay.

its was no secret....  he surely is a HOT man

all guys that do the weather isnt gay. glad to hear he came out and him and his partner is a people can see 2 gay couples can be good parents

" of the good gays."  What a back handed compliment.


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