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Hunky Spanish Actor Paco Leon Celebrates One Million Twitter Followers With Full Frontal Nude Selfie

¡Dios mío!

Cold water won't hold gorgeous Spanish actor Paco Leon back on his promise of giving fans a nude pic. The heartthrob tweeted a picture that is giving the entire world a fantastic start to the new week after reaching one million followers on Twitter. (Head here for the un-Mileyed image. NSFW, beeteedubs.)

What will Paco give us if we help him reach 2 million followers? 

(h/t: Queerty)


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l really like it

Need to correct.  This isn't a "selfie".  A selfie is a photo you take of yourSELF.  When somebody else takes the photo of you it's just called... well... a photo.

EXACTLY! Thank you!

yep he sure does have a nice body

Now THAT'S one place Miley Cyrus should never be!

I certainly hope not a photo of Miley Cyrus covering his man parts!

Miley will stick her tongue out for anything. like that  commercials,  "let's get mikey to tried it , he likes everything"

P.S.  Isn't a place Miley has not stuck her tongue out on, or in (yet) ? lol

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