Is Hunter Parrish Getting Naked For 'Hair'??

Gorgeous Weeds star Hunter Parrish, along with Kristen Bell and 2 Broke Girls' Beth Behrs, has signed on to star in a live production of the musical Hair at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles! 

From Gossip Cop:

On Monday, it was announced that those stars, along with performers including Amber Riley and Jenna Ushkowitz of “Glee,” will be part of the Hollywood Bowl production of “Hair” in August.

Of course, the famous hippie-themed musical has historically featured nudity — leading to questions about whether any of the newly revealed cast will be showing more than their famous faces.

Well, it’s not clear at this point.

A source connected to the production tells Gossip Cop, “There will be nudity, but in the tradition of the show, it’s up to the individual performer. As of now, many cast members are going to be nude as it’s a statement of freedom and power, not sexualization, in the context of the show.”

Do we think Hunter will take the full monty plunge?!  Show your freedom and power, Hunter!


I'm assuming Hunter is playling Claude, who is not usually nude in the production. In fact, the original nudity lasted less than 5 seconds. Cast members get under a parachute, strip to whatever they want and then drop the chute before the lights go out. Much in the same way that The Full Monty offered nudity, only if you sat in the right place and new the eye trick. Good on them if they do, it's one of my favorite shows and was the subject of my master's thesis.

he's beautiful.   :)

he has a great body, he looks cute. and i'm a gay guy 

He does have a good body

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Having seen the show a bunch of times, I gotta say - The nudity is completely anticlimactic.  Seeing a bunch of naked people, no matter how attractive, just standing there is pretty much anything but erotic.  

Nudity is art. Let art be everywhere. ;) would be nice seeing cute guys doing art on rollerblades

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