Ian McKellen Launches LGBT Short Film Series

Ian McKellan is launching an LGBT short film series set for broadcast on Facebook!

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Ian McKellen and Vicious producer Gary Reich launched a call for brands and broadcasters to back a planned series of short-form films aimed at LGBT youth. The pair, along with The Brooklyn Brothers agency founder Jackie Stevenson, are set to create a series of four films built around and by people in the LGBT community.

Facebook is on board to be the broadcast partner for the first film, with the premiere to be streamed live on the platform. The social network will support the film with targeted outreach and community support.

"I've been impressed with gay rights all over the world, how much commerce wants to be involved," McKellen told The Hollywood Reporter. "Hollywood, to crudely sum it up, has tended to deal with fantasy, tended to deal with escape. Branding has to be up to date otherwise. [Brands] come up with a response to the world as it really is. It's a much different approach to anything that Hollywood would do."

Looking forward to seeing these LGBT shorts!